New technology enables clothes to charge phones -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New technology enables clothes to charge mobile phones -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Have you ever wondered if you can use clothes to recharge an outdoor hike without a power pack? On the 28th, a lecture entitled "New Intelligent Fabric" was held in Huxi Campus of Chongqing University. This invention can convert electric energy through fabrics such as clothes, effectively reduce the burden of external power supplies such as rechargeable treasure, and conduct interdisciplinary research and application in chemical, new materials, automation, etc. It is reported that the paper of this invention has been published in the energy academic journal nature energy, Netizens shouted: This is "black technology".

Solar and sports dual energy "power generation" clothes can charge mobile phones

How does this "black technology" generate electricity? According to the introduction of associate professor Fan Xing, the core of the invention team, he focused on the research of new energy related nano materials and nano catalysis. He went to Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States to communicate with internationally renowned experts in the field of nanotechnology. The fabric made of this new technology is composed of polymer fiber like solar cells and nano fiber generators, which absorb daily solar energy and collect mechanical energy generated during sports, The two components operate simultaneously to convert solar energy and mechanical energy into electrical energy to generate current. Fan Xing said that if you wear such a fabric when hiking outdoors, you will be like carrying a portable charging bag. You don't need to take other power equipment with you. If your mobile phone has no power, you can directly connect the fabric to charge it.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the experimental video broadcast on the spot, the reporter saw that the invention collected solar energy in the previous outdoor test, and the converted electric energy can drive the connected electronic watch to operate normally, while the test of mechanical energy collection showed that the fabric floated with the wind in the driving vehicle, and the multimeter connected with the fabric showed that there was current generation. Fan Xing also introduced that under the stable environment in the laboratory, a piece of 5 cm long The 4cm wide fabric can stably generate 5V current, which is the same as the current normal USB interface voltage, and can realize the normal charging of a mobile phone.

The invention of fabric safety gains inspiration through "shuttle weaving"

Whether such a piece of "electrified" fabric is safe and how the manufacturing cost is also a matter of concern. Fan Xing said that the fabrics brought in this time are all materials with high safety index, and the current research also focuses on relatively low voltage, which is safe from the current test stage or later application, The manufacturing cost of "emerging intelligent fabric" is lower than that of silicon based solar cells, which are widely used for solar power generation.

Fan Xing also introduced that the invention of the fabric was inspired by "flying shuttle weaving". Fan Xing also likened the production technology of the fabric to "flying shuttle weaving", and the future trend of this fabric will achieve greater power output for small area fabrics. This new flying shuttle weaving technology is also conducive to large-scale production. In addition to being used in wearable devices such as fabrics, it can also be used in electronics, human health, energy Special fields have broad application and development prospects.



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