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New Scheme for Intelligent Manufacturing of Lithium Battery Electrode -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Materials are the basis and core for promoting the progress of lithium batteries, while equipment is a strong backing for the industrialization of new materials.

With the improvement of battery cell safety and other performance of power battery enterprises, the upgrading of demand for the introduction of new materials, the stability of manufacturing process, and the improvement of production efficiency has directly brought new challenges to lithium battery equipment enterprises.

This means that only equipment enterprises that pay long-term attention to scientific research and innovation, ensure product quality and stability, and constantly improve their technology research and development level can control the core of the market in the increasingly competitive lithium battery equipment field.

On October 19, Gaogong Lithium Battery International Technology Innovation Summit on Key Materials of Lithium Battery took over yesterday (October 18). The summit was hosted by Gaogong Lithium Battery, and invited more than 80 industry experts, technical leaders and more than 400 industry insiders from all aspects of lithium battery materials and power battery enterprises to jointly discuss the technology research, development and innovation, industrialization and upgrading of power battery core materials at this stage.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the special session of "Innovation and Industrialized Application of New Materials for Power Batteries", Li Xiaoyun, General Manager of Golden Galaxy Lithium Battery Business Department, will deliver a wonderful speech on the theme of "Advanced Methods for Intelligent Manufacturing of Lithium Battery Electrodes".

Li Xiaoyun said that the progress of automatic lithium battery equipment also has a great impact on the lithium battery industry. It needs to rely on intelligent manufacturing to ensure refined production, improve production capacity, reduce energy consumption and reduce labor.

It is understood that Golden Galaxy was founded in 2002 and formally entered the field of lithium battery equipment in 2009. It is positioned as a provider of lithium battery front-end intelligent equipment solutions in the lithium battery field. At present, the company mainly produces lithium battery front-end automation intelligent equipment such as battery slurry spiral mixing fully automatic production line, positive and negative electrode feeding system, mixer, high-speed homogenizer, coating machine, rolling slitting machine, etc.

Among them, the fully automatic slurry screw production line initiated by the company based on industry accumulation and R&D can replace the traditional mixing system. This production line consists of five modules: powder metering and conveying system, liquid metering and conveying system, screw mixing system, slurry storage system, and central control system.

The fully automatic screw slurry production line is applicable to the dry and wet processes of various material systems. The main screw runs at a speed of 600 rpm, but can complete die cutting, shearing and dispersion 100000~120000 times per minute. Instantly discharge the slurry. It is characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and can be used for iron removal and filtration. At the same time, it has advanced control system.

At the same time, in order to meet the application introduction of new perforated copper foil in the lithium battery field, and to meet the needs of battery enterprises for product performance, productivity improvement, efficiency improvement, and energy consumption reduction, Golden Galaxy independently developed a simultaneous double-sided extrusion electrode coating machine, which was successfully tested in January this year. The product has the following innovative features and advantages:

1. At the same time, the production efficiency of the double-sided extremal coating machine is high, and the capacity of one is equivalent to that of two single-sided coating machines.

2. Floating double-sided drying at the same time, the drying system reduces energy consumption by 30-40% compared with single-sided coating.

3. It is simpler and easier to maintain and operate than the turnback double-sided extrusion coater.

4. At the same time, the double-sided extrusion coating equipment takes up less space and only uses the space of one single side coating machine to complete the production capacity of two single side coating machines. The plant utilization rate is high and the infrastructure investment is reduced.

5. Improve product quality, better than turn back coating uniformity.

6. Eliminate the thermal sensitivity damage to the coating caused by repeated drying of single-sided coating.

7. In the floating drying process, the pole piece floats completely, and there is no resistance in the sheet path transmission, so as to achieve high speed coating up to 80m/min.



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