New process for flexible battery comes out -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New process for flexible battery comes out -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, the Energy Storage Technology Research Department of the Dalian Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences reported a new process for preparing flexible batteries. They achieved direct and firm bonding of active materials and conductive substrates through electroless plating technology. When the battery is arbitrarily bent, the active materials will not be generated. It falls off, showing good flexibility, and the battery can be applied to bendable electronic devices.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The active material coated inside the battery is a key component of the battery's operation. Due to the fixed shape of the traditional battery, the bonding between the active material and the conductive substrate is relatively strong. However, when the battery is flexible, the coated active material is easy to fall off, thereby affecting the normal use of the battery. In recent years, flexible wearable electronic devices and concepts have developed rapidly, and the preparation of batteries with internal active materials that do not fall off during bending is an urgent problem to be solved in the development of flexible devices.

Electroless plating technology is a relatively mature surface coating technology, which is widely used in chemical industry, medical equipment and other fields. In traditional batteries, the active material is coated on the conductive substrate with a binder. The scientific research team changed the coating method and plated the metal thin film on the active material through electroless plating technology. This process technology has the advantages of low preparation cost and easy practical application, which lays the foundation for the future industrialization of flexible batteries. The above work was published in Advanced Functional Materials.



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