NEC New Technology Improves Lithium Battery Life-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

NEC New Technology Improves Lithium Battery Life -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

NEC Corporation of Japan has successfully developed a new technology to increase the power storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles by more than 30%. The electric vehicles currently sold on the market can drive about 200 kilometers per charge, and if the newly developed battery is used, the driving distance can be increased to about 260 kilometers. NEC plans to put into practical use within 2 years.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

For a long time, the short driving distance of electric vehicles for one charge has become the bottleneck of popularity. The previous problem is that if the voltage is increased to increase the storage capacity, gas will be generated inside the battery, so the battery life will be shortened.

NEC has successfully developed new electrode materials and electrolytes that will not produce gas under high voltage. Even if rare materials such as cobalt are not used in the electrode, new power storage can be added. Therefore, the service life and manufacturing cost of the new battery are almost the same as those of Nissan's electric vehicle "LEAF" battery, while the driving distance can be increased by 30%.



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