Middle and rear layout of lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Middle and rear layout of lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On November 29, Kerui Technology announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Kerui Technology New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerui New Energy") intends to acquire Huizhou Dingli Intelligent with its own or self-raised funds. Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dingli Intelligence") 100% equity.

Specifically, the counterparties Zeng Ailiang, Liang Hongyun, Ningbo Jinheng Hengyuan Ruiquan Investment Management Partnership held a total of 42% of the shares of Dingli Intelligence, and the equity transaction consideration was 126 million yuan; the counterparties Huang Ming, Jinheng Hengyuan, Cai Donghui, Shenzhen Yongyuan The 58% equity stake in Dingli Intelligence held by Cheng Er Investment Partnership, Shenzhen Hongshun Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Xu Xiaoju in total was 150 million yuan, and the total consideration for this transaction was about 277 million yuan.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

After the completion of this transaction, Kerui Technology will indirectly hold 100% of the equity of Dingli Intelligence, and Dingli Intelligence will become the company's wholly-owned subsidiary and included in the company's consolidated statements. Kerui Technology said that the acquisition of Dingli Intelligence will help to complement the company's overall solution capabilities in the middle and late stages of lithium-ion batteries and improve the company's overall competitiveness.

Kerui Technology also mentioned that the company's new energy business is positioned as a solution provider in the middle and back stages of the lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry, focusing on leading companies in the new energy battery industry, and is one of the leading suppliers of bare cell production and cell assembly equipment. .

Dingli Intelligent is a high-tech company specializing in the design, research and development, production, sales and technical services of lithium-ion battery charging and discharging intelligent test equipment. It is one of the few in the industry that can supply lithium-ion batteries for various types of power lithium batteries at the same time. Provider of complete line solutions for post-processing operations.

Dingli intelligent products focus on the post-processing process of lithium-ion battery production, including core equipment such as chemical composition/capacity equipment, voltage internal resistance testing equipment, sorting equipment, etc., and can provide customers with high-end equipment and overall solutions for factory automation production lines. Improve the overall competitiveness of the company.



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