MEB creates a technology platform for the -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

MEB creates a technology platform for the electric drive era -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Volkswagen is firmly committed to the transformation to the field of electric travel. The Volkswagen brand released the "ELECTRIC FORALL" plan, which strongly promoted the breakthrough development of global electric vehicles. MEB modular electric drive platform is an important part of the Volkswagen brand electric vehicle offensive, which is specially designed for electric vehicles. Volkswagen Brand ID It will become the world's first model produced based on MEB platform; It will start production in Zwikau, Germany, at the end of 2019. The first MEB model in China will be an SUV, which will start production in 2020. When the "ELECTRIC FORALL" program was launched, journalists from all over the world learned about ID Basic technology. In the transparent factory in Dresden, the Volkswagen brand demonstrated the core of MEB platform - mobile substructure, which will be applied to mass production models.

The "ELECTRIC FORALL" plan represents the vision and important commitment of the Volkswagen brand: to enable as many users as possible to use innovative technologies. The key of the "ELECTRIC FORALL" plan is the MEB platform: this platform has unprecedented economic value and will help electric vehicles transform from niche products to best-selling models. Wu Borui, the head of the Volkswagen brand electric travel, said: "We hope to popularize electric vehicles and make more people interested in electric vehicles as much as possible. The MEB platform may become one of the most important projects in the history of the Volkswagen brand, and also a technical milestone, which is as important as the transition from the Beetle to the golf model."(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

MEB: a technology platform for the electric drive era

One of the unique characteristics of Volkswagen is its consistent platform strategy. This strategy demonstrates the efforts of the Volkswagen brand and the Group behind the scenes for electric vehicles. Wu Borui said: "Relying on the MEB platform, we are fully exploring the possibility of electric vehicles and are committed to achieving large-scale economic benefits. In the first plan alone, the Group will build about 10 million vehicles based on the MEB platform. The MEB platform is the economic and technical basis for electric vehicles, and these electric vehicles will be open to all."

For users, MEB platform can bring obvious benefits. Christian Senger, head of electric vehicle research and development at Volkswagen, explained: "ID. will become a milestone in technology development, and it will be a fully connected and fully functional electric vehicle. At the same time, its price can be accepted by millions of people." For example, ID It can carry a large battery pack to achieve a longer range. "Thanks to the flat panel battery placed at the bottom of the vehicle, the vehicle will have excellent grip. Above the battery, the interior space of the vehicle is very spacious. With the MEB platform, we have a huge advantage in space."

In addition, the MEB platform integrates all production technologies of Volkswagen. From the beginning, it was 100% built for electric vehicles without any compromise. Wu Borui said: "Our MQB platform has proved that we are one of the experts on vehicle platforms in the automotive industry. Now, we are making this technical knowledge and strategy change to the era of electrification. By 2022, the Group's four brands will add 27 MEB platform models in the world, covering from compact cars to the interesting van Volkswagen Bulli, which is an unprecedented move."

Volkswagen Brand ID All models of the family can be charged quickly, and the battery can be fully charged by 80% in about 30 minutes. This is based on the most advanced battery technology. Christian Senger said: "The new generation of high-performance battery is first applied to various models of ID. Thanks to the modular design and multi cell structure of the battery, the battery can be applied to various types of ID. models."

ID. Family: "Made in Germany" in electric mobility

Volkswagen Brand ID It will be an electric vehicle made entirely in Germany. In fact, most Volkswagen production and R&D institutions in Germany have participated in the work related to the first MEB platform electric vehicles. These include the locations of the Volkswagen Group's parts departments: Brunswick, Salzgitt and Kassel. Volkswagen is investing about 6 billion euros in electric vehicles, of which 1.3 billion euros has been invested in these parts factories. The ID. family conceived and developed in a large R&D center located in Wolfsburg headquarters. Many prototype cars in the process of R&D were built in the prototype car hall of Wolfsburg, and received a large number of tests in the world's largest automobile test site - Ella Lessing Proving Ground.



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