Maintenance of PVC slitting machine -High Speed Slitting Machine

Maintenance of PVC slitting machine -High Speed Slitting Machine

PVC slitting machine is suitable for slitting thin materials such as non-woven fabrics, leather, plastics, environmental protection materials, etc. After adjusting the cutter distance mechanism by this machine, it can cut into the required round roll strips, then you know Is the PVC slitting machine used and maintained? The editor will explain it for you below.
       1. The operator must grasp the plan of the gate hoist, the function of the inspection machine and the operation method, and have certain mechanical knowledge to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
       2. Before operation, check all the hoist, whether the lubrication condition of each part is outstanding, and whether the bolts are loose. Check whether the power line is connected and whether the switch is outstanding during electric opening and closing.
       3. During electric work, the operator shall not leave the scene, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic buckle door will stop immediately if there is any doubt.
       4. When repairing the hoist, it is necessary to remove the load.(High Speed Slitting Machine)
       5. When in use, the lubricating oil should be written into the oil hole at any time, and the satisfactory lubricating oil should be always adhered to. The screw should be punctual to remove the grease and apply new oil to prevent rust.
       The above is some of the operation and maintenance of PVC slitting machine explained by the editor. If you still dont understand, you can continue to visit our official website:



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