Low Platination Process of Lithium Battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Low Platination Process of Toyota Lithium Battery-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Toyota announced the research results of the manufacturing process of solid polymer fuel power cell (pEFC) electrodes at the "20th Fuel Power Cell Society of Japan" (held in Tokyo's Furuhiro Tower Hall from May 28 to 29, 2013). Toyota said that with the reduction of the use of platinum (pt) catalyst, the influence of electrode manufacturing process on electrode performance will become more and more obvious.

The electrode of fuel power cell is generally made by coating catalyst ink consisting of carbon catalyst, ionomer and solvent and drying. Among them, Toyota focused on the adsorption capacity of carbon catalyst to adsorb ionomers, made electrodes with catalyst ink with large adsorption capacity, and trial produced a membrane electrode complex (MEA) using this electrode for the air electrode. The results showed that compared with products with small adsorption capacity, the trial products had good I-V characteristics.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

When the adsorption amount is large, the ionomer will be evenly distributed in the electrode, which is conducive to achieving good I-V characteristics. When the adsorption amount is small, the unadsorbed ionomer will agglomerate, which will hinder the material transportation in the electrode, and increase the gas diffusion resistance by about 2 times, thus leading to poor characteristics. In addition, the adsorption amount may affect the durability, and Toyota is currently conducting relevant analysis on it.

In terms of improving the performance of pEFC electrode, Toyota said that there is still room for improvement in the process. Moreover, with the reduction of the amount of platinum catalyst, the electrode manufacturing process will have more and more obvious effect on the electrode performance. In the future, Toyota will conduct systematic research on the correlation between manufacturing process and electrode characteristics, and realize the high performance of pEFC while promoting low platinum.



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