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"Long-life lithium battery and super capacitor" project started -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, the 2017 annual project of the "New Energy Vehicle" key project "High Specific Power and Long Life Power Lithium Battery and New Super Capacitor Technology Development" held a project kick-off meeting in Beijing. The special management office, project responsible experts, project and various subject units personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the special office introduced the management requirements of key special projects, and put forward clear requirements around strengthening the project's leading legal person responsibility and project leader's main responsibility, and effectively doing a good job in project organization, implementation and process management. The project leader reported the project implementation method, organizational management mechanism and measures, and each project leader gave a specific introduction to the project and elaborated the project implementation plan. The responsible experts conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the project unit around project objectives, tasks, schedules and technical routes, and made valuable suggestions.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The "High Specific Power and Long Life Power Lithium Battery and New Super Capacitor Technology Development" project is led by CITIC Guoan Mengguli Power Technology Co., Ltd. The project will build two common technology platforms for battery model development and high specific power battery application technology, develop high specific power and long life lithium ion power lithium batteries for pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and three high specific energy super capacitors. Internationally competitive high-power products, complete the batch application of three types of fast-charging pure electric passenger cars, plug-in hybrid electric passenger cars and passenger cars, and form a complete high-specific power and long-life battery development and engineering technology system .



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