Lithium Werks builds energy storage battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium Werks builds energy storage battery research park -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

It is reported that Lithium Werks, a Dutch battery manufacturer that mainly produces lithium iron phosphate batteries, plans to build and operate a research and development park in Twente, the Netherlands, with the goal of further developing battery technology with the help of Twente University.

The company has raised 100 million euros (US $117 million) for the construction of the park, and the local business development agency OostNL is the pioneer of the project.

The company said that it is expected to complete the first phase of the construction of the technology base park by the end of 2019. After the first phase is completed, it can provide jobs for about 300 people. In five years, the R&D park may employ 2000 staff.

The 42 acre site is located near Twente Airport in the Netherlands. Other partners of the project include Twente University and Enschede, Upper Ethel Province.

"Usually, renewable energy such as wind and solar will generate more energy when the demand for electricity is low." Kees Koolen, chairman of the board of directors and project sponsor of Lithium Werks, said, "This mismatch between power supply and demand means that we still need power from traditional coal or natural gas power plants. With intelligent energy storage and power transmission solutions, we can provide energy at the right time and place. This will require sufficient battery storage capacity, and we need to develop and produce more batteries and artificial intelligence software."(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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