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From the perspective of actual use value, lithium titanate battery is expected to bring customers lower use cost advantages by virtue of its ultra long cycle life. With the increasingly reasonable price, lithium titanate is about to perform a counter attack.

Although Japan, South Korea, the United States and Germany have studied lithium titanate materials for many years, there are only two companies in the world that really have the core technology of lithium titanate materials, achieve industrial application, and have more than 8 years of relevant experience. One is Altian Nanotechnology Co., Ltd., which was previously acquired by Zhuhai Yinlong, and the other is Toshiba Company in Japan.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

At present, there are also several domestic companies committed to the application and development of lithium titanate battery technology. In addition to Zhuhai Yinlong, there are Sichuan Xingneng New Materials, Suzhou Weihong Power, Anhui Tiankang, etc. However, there is no doubt that Zhuhai Yinlong has a great leading edge in mastering the core technology of lithium titanate and in terms of production scale.

Zhuhai Yinlong said that through continuous research and innovation, the company has successfully overcome five major problems, including "high safety problem", "use problem in cold environment", "fast charging and discharging problem", "battery life problem" and "battery industrialization problem". Its lithium titanate battery products have the advantages of 6-minute fast charging and discharging, wide temperature resistance, and 30-year service life.

As early as September 2010, Zhuhai Yinlong signed an acquisition agreement with Alti Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. of the United States, and formally achieved strategic holding in July 2011. In 2013, Zhuhai Yinlong started the mass production of lithium titanate battery, and realized the application of lithium titanate power battery on new energy buses. As of the first half of 2016, more than 3000 lithium titanate battery buses have been operated in China.

At the same time, Yinlong has also invested a lot of technical force in special research and development to solve the problems of relatively low energy density and high cost of lithium titanate battery. In 2015, the fourth generation high energy density lithium titanate battery developed by Zhuhai Yinlong increased its energy density by 30%, but its cost decreased by 40% compared with the third generation battery, greatly improving the competitive advantage of lithium titanate battery.

At the same time, Zhuhai Yinlong also reduced costs through scale. The second phase of Hebei Yinlong Lithium Titanate Battery Project, located in Wu'an, was put into operation, forming a production capacity of 250 million Ah per year, which can support 10000 12 meter pure electric buses. According to the plan, the construction of the third phase of the project will be accelerated, and the design output will reach 1 billion ampere hours, making it the largest lithium titanate battery production base in the world.

Therefore, Miss Dong is not aiming at Zhuhai Yinlong's electric bus business, but at its lithium titanate battery technology. With the maturing of lithium titanate battery technology, in addition to challenging the mainstream ternary lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate battery in the market, its advantages such as fast charging and discharging time, long service life, cold resistance and heat resistance can also be used in energy storage power plants and smart grids.

"As a new energy vehicle, Gree has a strong technical reserve. The only thing missing is materials, and we have accumulated profound advantages in lithium titanate battery materials and technologies." In the opinion of Wei Yincang, the chairman of Yinlong, the cooperation between Yinlong and Gree is a combination of strength. It can realize the integration of assets, technology and talents, which is the fastest way for the development of new energy vehicles in China.

Fan Weifeng said, "At present, the gap between the technology and performance of domestic lithium titanate battery and that of foreign countries is not very big. The lithium titanate battery has gradually realized localization and has been successively used in new energy vehicles, energy storage power stations and other fields. At present, it is important to use it in the fields including fast charging pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. In the next few years, the lithium titanate battery market is expected to achieve scale explosion".



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