Lithium titanate battery anode material -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium titanate battery anode material -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The negative electrode material of lithium titanate battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, high energy density, good sealing performance, no leakage, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, rapid charge and discharge, long cycle life, wide working environment temperature range, safety It has the characteristics of stable green environmental protection and so on, so it has a very wide application prospect in the field of communication power supply.

Lithium titanate battery can be used safely in both high temperature and low temperature environments. The life of Yinlong lithium titanate battery material can reach 30 years, which is equivalent to the service life of a car, while the average life of ordinary graphite anode material battery is only 3-4 years. . From the perspective of the whole life cycle, the cost of lithium titanate battery is lower.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The last advantage of lithium titanate battery material is its fast charge and discharge capability and high charge rate. At present, the charging rate of Yinlong lithium titanate battery is 10C or even 20C, while the charging rate of ordinary graphite anode material is only 2C-4C. Based on these technical characteristics of lithium titanate batteries, industry insiders believe that they meet the needs of new energy buses and large-scale energy storage equipment.

Disadvantages of anode materials for lithium titanate batteries

1. The life and performance of lithium-ion batteries are affected by many aspects, especially the four major materials. Lithium titanate is only a negative electrode material. No matter how advanced a material is, it is difficult for the product to have an unmatched advantage. What's more, the cathode material is the most important material that affects the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

2. The biggest disadvantage of lithium titanate battery is low energy density and high cost. In particular, the low energy density is due to the principle performance of the negative electrode material lithium titanate, so it is difficult to have a big breakthrough space. Costs can be reduced through scale, and based on weaknesses in principle, they cannot be changed through technology.

3. As for the long service life claimed by the lithium titanate battery, it is more difficult to be certified. The battery life is also affected by the cathode material, electrolyte, separator, operating temperature, etc. Lithium titanate as the negative electrode also has problems such as flatulence and long-term use consistency reduction. At present, it cannot be proved in principle that the lithium-ion battery will have a longer life than other batteries.

4. There are few companies that make lithium titanate battery materials, resulting in less investment in the overall R&D of the industry. From the current R&D investment and planning investment of battery companies, few companies will focus on the development of lithium titanate ion batteries. In the future, other lithium-ion battery technology will progress faster than lithium titanate battery.

5. Zhanxin Industry Research From the perspective of industry trends, don't believe that technologies that are not well done by international mainstream companies will shine in my country. my country's basic research is still far from the level of international advanced companies, and it is tantamount to want to find omissions in the international technological trend.



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