Lithium iron phosphate battery technology is -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium iron phosphate battery technology is mature -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Why not change the electric bicycle into lithium iron phosphate battery? Recently, a car friend left a message asking about this problem. The reason why lithium ion batteries are not suitable for your electric bicycles can be summarized in one word. Lithium ion iron phosphate batteries have no heavy metals, the battery recovery rate is more than 95%, and the electrolyte is almost pollution-free. Some types of batteries can even be drunk. Of course, the price of batteries with so many advantages is not low.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Although the price is lower than that of ordinary nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium-ion batteries, the sales price per kwh must be about 1500 yuan, and the price of some low-end electric bicycles is only more than 1000 yuan, making consumers pay twice as much for environmental protection. How many people are willing to pay?

Although the lead-acid battery has serious heavy metal pollution and the electrolyte is also sulfuric acid, the price is low enough. The cost of four ordinary 12V-20a batteries limited to 48V is also half that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the price can be much lower if the old batteries are exchanged for new ones.

However, the actual vehicle cost of the iron lithium ion battery is still cost-effective in the long run. If the number of cycles exceeds 2000, the capacity attenuation can be controlled at about 70%, while the ordinary lead acid battery can not even do 1/3 of the iron battery level. Therefore, iron battery is actually more cost-effective according to the power change frequency, but the high purchase budget has prevented many consumers from being enthusiastic.

In the short term, the lithium iron phosphate battery is difficult to be used in two wheeled trams, regardless of its price. In addition to its important use in the automotive sector, it will also be used for decades as an energy storage battery in photovoltaic wind power and other fields after the elimination of batteries in automobiles.

The automobile industry can achieve that each link of the battery from production to recycling, from recycling to secondary utilization, and finally to battery disassembly has platform monitoring information to code and monitor the battery pack several times, so as to ensure relatively pollution-free and maximize the value of the battery.

However, the threshold of two wheeled vehicle production companies is too low, there are too many manufacturers, and the sales network qualifications are mixed. This structure is difficult to effectively monitor the power lithium battery, so from this perspective, new energy batteries will not be popular in two wheeled vehicles in a short time. At present, lead acid is the main industry. It is the most important issue for relevant industries to increase the management of lead acid battery recycling.



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