Lithium ion battery production process -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium ion battery production process, battery PACK production line -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery production process, lithium -ion battery PACK production line. Objectively speaking, the production process of lithium -ion battery production process is divided into three major sections, one is polar production, the other is the production of batteries, and the third is battery assembly. The production process of lithium -ion batteries is not consistent with each manufacturer. Each link in the lithium -ion battery production line must be strictly managed and carefully managed, so as to improve the safety performance of lithium -ion battery products.

Lithium ion battery production process

Stirring, coating, rolling, and detection are important production processes for lithium ion batteries.

1. The stirring of the slurry is an important part of the lithium -ion battery equipment. The positive slurry of the lithium -ion battery is composed of adhesives, conductives, positive electrode materials, etc. The negative pole pulp is composed of adhesives, graphite carbon powder, etc.; positive and negative poles The preparation of slurry includes the mixing, dissolving, dispersion of liquid and liquid, liquid, liquid, and solid material; the quality of the dispersion quality of the slurry directly affects the quality and performance of lithium -ion batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2. The coating determines the consistency and advantages of the battery, and occupies a technical status in battery manufacturing. Regardless of the production (such as cylindrical or square) battery, the coating machine used in manufacturing is the same; different types of batteries need to be equipped with different types of scrollrs.

3. In addition to the lithium ion battery wound machine, there are capacitors, and textiles, textiles, etc. According to the operating method of the machine, it can be divided into manual scrolling machines, semi -automatic scrolling machines, and automatic scrolling machines.

4. The importance of testing items is increasingly prominent. Lithium ion batteries are easy to burn or explode due to short -circuit, overcharge and other reasons. In the application, it will form a finished battery with the protective board; in the application field with high energy density, lithium -ion batteries need to be compared with Battery management system (BMS) is managed.

It can be seen that the production process of lithium -ion batteries is long, including more than 50 processes, and more than 50 equipment. The entire manufacturing process can be divided into four process sections: polar sheet production, battery assembly, battery activation detection, and battery packaging. Among them, polar sheet production related equipment is called front -end device, battery production related to mid -range equipment, battery activation detection detection detection detection The battery packaging equipment is a back -end device.

In recent years, lithium -ion battery production has provided standardized products for customers to integrate, neatly, and automated development. Lithium battery automation production lines have supplied standardized products for customers. Traditional development methods cannot meet the needs of customers' rapid changes.

The quality of lithium -ion batteries is crucial. At present, the important problems of domestic lithium -ion battery industrialization are the poor consistency of battery quality. The reasons are mostly caused by the large system errors caused by manual operation and equipment accuracy and the unable to sustainable production. It is necessary to fundamentally solve the problem of poor quality consistency in the production quality of lithium -ion batteries.

Lithium ion battery PACK production line

There are many production processes before the molding of lithium -ion batteries. As far as it is large, it follows such a line: front -drive material → battery component → lithium cells → lithium ion battery/lithium ion battery pack. In the industry, many manufacturers are engaged in the same production, and one manufacturer is engaged in a variety of production.

The lithium battery automation production line can be achieved in the super purification glove box for fully automatic code scan code-injection-weigh-replenishment-sealing operation to achieve efficient and completely unmanned automated production, greatly save labor costs, greatly improve production and product quality and finished products Rate to maximize benefits for customers.

What process process does lithium -ion battery PACK production line contain?

1. The processing group process

2. Automatic welding process

3. Semi -finished product assembly process

4. Aging test process

5. PACK detection process

6. PACK packaging process



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