Lithium -ion battery processing process and -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery processing process and process -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium -ion batteries and energy storage batteries put forward higher technical requirements for the consistency of the battery, and the quality control in the lithium -ion battery processing line. Objectively introducing industrial robotics technology, and most of the domestic robot system integration, most of the gathers gather in the integration of robotic systems. Large -scale connecting manufacturing and processing lines such as the car industry category and machine tools. During the processing process of lithium ion batteries, the critical process is as follows:

In the critical process of lithium ion battery manufacturing, stacked slices, welding and cutting into three connected processes before and after, and using automated or semi -automated special planes themselves. Before the transformation, the connection and circulation between the three work processes must be manual intervention. To continue processing, the labor intensity is large, and the consistency of battery products cannot be guaranteed.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

1. Flat machine

Perform the positive and negative pole materials of the lithium -ion battery with a diaphragm, and the alert polar short -circuit. The positive and negative polar tablets are pre -installed in the polar magazine box. Place the wires on the stacked tablet workers from the robotic arm, and the processing line workers take away the production of the next process.

2. Ultrasonic welding machine

After the workers hold the battery after the stacked film, send the pole ear to the welding position. Through the high -frequency elastic vibration of the acoustic system, the positive and negative pole ear of the overlap battery is achieved under the use of static pressure between the workpieces. welding. In the case of pressurization, the metal surface is rubbed to each other to form a fusion between molecular layers. Its advantage is that it is fast, energy -saving, high -fusion strength, no spark, and near -cold production.

3. Cutting machine

The polar ears of lithium ion batteries that are about to be cut into cutting machines are artificially cut into the cutter mouth. By controlling the cylinder movement, the cutting knife is cut to cut the protruding part of the polar ears. And ensure accuracy and quality temperature.



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