Lithium -ion battery pack parallel charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery packet parallel balance charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to connect lithium -ion battery packets and connect balanced charging

1. Diode isolation parallel charging balance method

Take 6 single batteries as an example, disconnect the switch S1S5 and then connect the charging power. The diode is selected from 1N54015408, 3A rated current measured the positive pressure drop of the diode to 0.8V, and the current flowing over the diode when the forward voltage drops 0.7V is small. The maximum charging voltage of lithium iron phosphate has a maximum charging voltage of 3.65V. Actually, considering that the maximum charging voltage of the extension of the battery life is 3.5V, the charging voltage = 3.5+0.7+0.7 = 4.9V with the line voltage reduction is very suitable.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2. Straighten pens and connect charging balance method

The charging voltage of lithium iron phosphate cells is 3.5-3.6V, and triple yuan, and polymer battery is 4.1-4.2V. The red crocodile clips are welded together to connect the positive pole of the charging power; the black crocodile clips are welded together to connect the negative power supply. When the balance is charged, the S1S5 is disconnected first, and the red crocodile clip is clamped to the positive electrode of each single battery; the black crocodile clip is clamped by the negative electrode of the single battery, and all batteries are parallel.



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