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Lithium battery thermal runaway warning technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Editor's note: Forward development is a process from scratch. It has to go through a series of processes such as project establishment, research, design, verification, and manufacturing. For enterprises in the rapidly developing automatic fire extinguishing device industry for battery boxes, this It is a very important sign, which can reflect the strength of its own research and development capabilities.

However, many companies are still unable to achieve positive development at present, and are still relying on patchwork, imitation, and edge balls in the market to survive.

01Based on positive development, focus on safety

From scratch, from weak to strong, from small to large, the development of Yantai Chuangwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has witnessed the occurrence and development of power battery thermal runaway warning technology.

In 2012, it was the first in China to establish a research project on power battery thermal runaway and monitoring and early warning technology.

In 2013, it cooperated with various scientific research institutions to carry out in-depth systematic research and development.

In 2014, the first prototype of the power battery thermal runaway monitoring and early warning product was successfully installed.

In 2015, launched a new generation of CW1160-02 series battery box special automatic fire extinguishing device products that meet the IP67 standard. Yantai Chuangwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the ranks of positive development, established a systematic and complete research and development system, and entered the period of innovation ability establishment. Forward development, for a company that has not been established for a long time, not to mention time-consuming and labor-intensive, it has to invest huge technical strength and financial resources, and the cost is huge. Why does Chuangwei New Energy insist on establishing a forward development system?(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the study of security technology, we must comprehensively think about security issues. At the beginning of the establishment of the project, we realized that the power battery thermal runaway warning technology itself is an important technology focusing on safety. We must first ensure the reliability of the product itself, so that the product can function normally. Without a systematic approach to forward development, the reliability of the product itself cannot be verified, let alone the protection of customer property and life!

Chuangwei New Energy is well aware of the seriousness and danger of thermal runaway of power batteries. During the market research period, I visited bus companies and charging stations in Beijing, Qingdao and other places to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs, and then formulated various product goals in a targeted manner.

After the establishment of the power battery thermal runaway monitoring and early warning technology project, Chuangwei New Energy decomposes the preset product goals into system and component development. With the method of forward development, it is guaranteed that the developed components meet the requirements of the system level, and then meet the requirements of the technical conditions of the whole vehicle.

According to the forward development requirements, in the process of selecting and finalizing various components, analyze and verify the failure mechanism of the components; verify the subsystem composed of the finalized components, and analyze and verify the failure mechanism according to the system performance requirements. The reliability strategy of the software is verified; after all subsystems form an overall system, the overall verification of the product system is carried out according to the vehicle environment; after installation in the vehicle, the EMC and various performances of the vehicle are verified.

This series of continuous and continuous processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the systematic method of forward development. Although the development cost is high, it ensures the reliability and safety of the product and can withstand various working conditions and environmental tests.

02The proprietary technology of lithium-ion battery thermal runaway model is advanced and effective

As the earliest researcher of domestic power battery thermal runaway warning and safety technology and the creator of the automatic fire extinguishing device for battery boxes, he created the first "lithium-ion battery thermal runaway model" for new energy, and promoted the thermal runaway monitoring and automatic fire extinguishing of battery boxes. Large-scale application of technology.



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