Lithium battery technology is falling into -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery technology is falling into "bottleneck" -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The importance of battery for mobile devices is self-evident, but for now, it is still a short board. Although other technologies and performance of mobile devices are constantly improving, many large companies have failed to propose feasible solutions for battery technology upgrading in a short time.

Battery is the weak link in the system

Although the capabilities, speed and functions of smart phones have developed rapidly, the increase in battery life is much slower. For example, the CPU and GPU speed of the A8 processor of the iPhone 6 are 50 times and 84 times higher than those of the original iPhone in 2007 (while this year's A9 is 70% and 90% higher than that of the A8). However, the iPhone's improvement in battery life is less exaggerated. The original iPhone claims to provide 8 hours of talk time and 6 hours of Internet usage time, while the latest iPhone 6s can provide 14 hours of talk time and 11 hours of Internet usage time, which is less than double.

Of course, some people may say that it is not easy for the iPhone to maintain the improvement of endurance while bringing about such a significant performance improvement, and the endurance figures of the two models do not have much comparability, because today's voice network and Internet use have undergone significant changes compared with 2007.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Lithium battery is a technology more than 20 years ago

Sony first commercialized lithium-ion batteries in 1991, while the batteries used in mobile devices today are still based on the same technology. Of course, the lithium battery technology has been improved, but the improvement of the battery life does not come from the battery itself to a large extent, but through the use of more energy-efficient hardware and software.

At present, there is still no new battery that can replace lithium ion battery, and researchers also believe that people should not expect too much of it. Jay Whitacre of Carnegie Mellon University believes that lithium ion batteries will remain the mainstream at least in the next few years. He added: "Existing solutions cannot help technology companies increase their battery budgets." The so-called battery budget refers to the requirements for battery capacity when a technology company designs a new device.

Whitacre believes that people should know how to use new battery materials. Although researchers are experimenting with various new materials, no one has really developed a battery with practical design, which can be put into market application and greatly improve the endurance of mobile phones and laptops. As far as the information currently disclosed is concerned, there is no battery technology that can turn smart phones into weekly charging. This is because improving battery efficiency is not the same thing as improving processor performance. The battery problem is actually a basic chemical and physical problem. "If you look at the periodic table of elements, you will know that there are not many materials available." Doron Myersdorf, president of StoreDot, an Israeli technology company, said. Batteries do not follow Moore's Law. They do not double their capacity every two years.

Try to shorten the charging time

After recognizing this problem, some technology companies began to shift their focus to other aspects: greatly reducing the charging time. This is to change consumer psychology. If users can fully charge the device or charge a large amount of electricity in a short time, their anxiety about the endurance of the device will be greatly reduced.

Samsung recently released several new phones that can be charged with 50% power within 30 minutes, while Apple's $99 Apple Pencil stylus can be used for 30 minutes after 15 seconds of charging. Qualcomm has also integrated rapid charging technology into its own mobile processor, and its latest version claims to improve the charging speed by four times.

However, the improvement brought by StoreDot is probably the most impressive. This technology company claims to have redesigned the traditional battery and charger at the same time, and the use of the new "organic material" can be charged with enough power to enable the mobile phone battery to use for a day in a few minutes.

At present, the entire science and technology industry is eager to solve the battery technology problem, no matter what way, but considering the slow progress of related research, people should not have too much expectation.



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