Lithium battery stocks have new moves -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery stocks have new moves -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Since the beginning of this year, the new energy sector has been trending rapidly, and the salt lake lithium extraction industry has also ushered in a golden age. Many companies have begun to accelerate their deployment in this industry.

Fulin Precision, which received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange due to its plan to take a stake in Hengxinrong to enter the "salt lake extraction of lithium" and expand upstream lithium resources, has made new progress in cooperation with Hengxinrong. According to the latest announcement of the listed company, Felicity Precision and Hengxinrong have reached a strategic cooperation in lithium resources and other related fields.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

And Felicity Seiko is undoubtedly a big bull in recent months. The stock has risen all the way from more than 9 yuan in May to the current 47 yuan, and the maximum cumulative increase is as high as 4 times. The trend is astounding.

Felicity Seiko: Establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Hengxinrong

On the evening of September 14, Fulin Precision announced that the company and Qinghai Hengxinrong Lithium Industry Technology Co., Ltd. ("Hengxinrong"), through friendly negotiation, have established a long-term plan in the upgrading and extension of the lithium resource industry chain, supply chain and value chain. Cooperation, establish a strategic partnership in the comprehensive development and utilization of salt lake lithium resources, and the layout and industrial investment of upstream raw materials for lithium batteries, and reach a strategic cooperation agreement.

It is understood that Hengxinrong is mainly engaged in the refining, production and application of salt lake brine mineral resources, and mainly develops the refining and production of compounds containing metallic lithium and the development and application of related products. It has relatively complete and advanced refining and production technology and equipment. The 20,000-ton battery-grade lithium carbonate plant has been put into operation. The important product is lithium carbonate material, which can be used to produce new energy vehicle batteries.

There is no related relationship between the company and Hengxin Finance. The company is currently promoting the acquisition of 9% equity of Hengxinrong held by natural person shareholder Chen Wei. After the acquisition is completed, the company plans to continue to increase its shareholding in Hengxinrong through capital increase. After the transaction is completed, it will hold a total of 31.7496% of the equity of Hengxinrong.

Chen Wei facilitated the company and the target company to complete the formal signing of the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" as one of the effective conditions for the acquisition of 9% equity of Hengxinrong.

The announcement shows that the signing of the agreement will help to further ensure the supply of upstream lithium resources for the company's lithium iron phosphate business, and expanding the supply channels of upstream lithium phosphate will also have a positive impact on the company's reduction of raw material costs; it will help accelerate the upstream and downstream promotion of the company's new energy lithium battery materials. integrated strategy.

According to public information, Fulin Precision’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of auto parts and cathode materials for new energy lithium batteries. Since the beginning of this year, in order to expand the market scale of lithium battery cathode material products, the company has actively deployed lithium battery upstream.

Plans to take a stake in Hengxin Rong to enter "Lithium Extraction from Salt Lake"

A few days ago, Felicity Precision just announced that it intends to take a stake in Hengxin Rong and enter the "Salt Lake Lithium Extraction". This is another new move by Felicity Seiko in the upstream of lithium batteries after announcing in July that it plans to invest 4 billion yuan to increase the output of 250,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials.

On September 13, Fulin Precision announced that the company plans to acquire a 9% stake in Qinghai Hengxinrong Lithium Industry for 333 million yuan. At the same time, the company plans to continue to acquire another 25% stake in Hengxin Rong Lithium by way of capital increase.

Specifically, Fulin Seiko plans to sign an equity transfer agreement with Chen Wei, a natural person shareholder of Hengxinrong Lithium Industry, to transfer 9% of the equity of Hengxinrong Lithium Industry held by Chen Wei, and the transfer consideration is 333 million yuan.



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