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1. It is necessary to take a balanced situation: in the case of battery production, the completion of the storage time is longer, because of the different various static power protection boards and various battery self-discharge rates, the formation of the entire bundle, the battery voltage, has a significant voltage difference , but the same guarantee ability, the function of balancing the voltage of the battery pack under the condition of balance, can realize the effect of fully charged and fully discharged battery capacity, so that the battery exerts a huge influence.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2. The balance does not work: Many people think that the battery is working in the middle and late stages of the use of balance, the actual use of the battery pack, the middle and late stage due to different battery capacity losses, resulting in poor performance, the balance protection board is unable to make up for the battery capacity, The battery pack voltage of each string on the surface is consistent, but due to the inconsistency in capacity, the low one is often the single string discharge protection and overcharge protection of the battery in charge and discharge capacity, so the capacity of the battery is in low capacity. A single string of batteries. Therefore, we should understand that the balance of the protection board is the voltage, not the capacity supplement.

3. Balance effect contradiction: Balance usually has two elements: Answer: Open balance voltage setting: Set the following balance voltage, the protection board opens for a long time to balance, the balance effect is obvious, but when the balance protection board will generate heat, the balance The longer the time is, the hotter it will be, which will directly affect the performance or damage the protection board; if the balance voltage is set high, the balance turn-on time is short, and the balance effect is not obvious. B: Balance current setting: If the balance current is set too large, the balance effect will be obvious, but there will be too much heat in the balance, which will damage the protection board. The balance current setting is small, the balance effect is not obvious, and the balance time is short.

Conclusion: If the battery pack is within 13 strings, it is recommended not to bring the balancing function, but the battery must be strictly closed to achieve the consistency of battery capacity and internal resistance. Lithium-ion batteries are afraid of storage, not afraid of use! Lithium-ion batteries are suitable for single storage but not for overall storage. The battery pack should be tested as soon as possible after completing the test in the hands of consumers.



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