Lithium battery production process -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery production process and process analysis -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

A: Exercise:

1) The process requirements of the information supplier supply the material list, and the QC department also needs to test. Its component and impurities content satisfaction requires the processing of processing to settle for later use.

2) The pre -processing of the material is to eliminate pollutants and oxidation layers on the appearance of the original data to ensure the cleanliness of the original data.

3) The ingredients should be supplemented according to the goals of different situations according to regulations.

4) The vacuum sensing melting should be filled with a storing at 0.1Pa. At a high temperature of 1300 ° C, the metal metal is melted into alloy, and the fast -cold ingot is used to obtain grain refinement and uniform tissue alloy.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

B: Semi -finished product: There are three aspects of semi -finished product inspection:

1) Appearance: The exterior of the alloy should be metal, no obvious oxidation and discoloration, the alloy tissue structure should be uniform and fine, no loose and impurities;

2) Chemical ingredients: alloy chemical ingredients should be consistent with the planning ingredients;

3) Electrochemical capacity: It should be satisfied with the requirements of the company's norms, otherwise it cannot be turned down.

C: Hot treatment:

Use a vacuum heat treatment furnace. Thermal treatment process is important to make product homogeneity and stability (eliminate internal stress), ensure the flat platform pressure, outstanding uniformity and outstanding cycle life characteristics. Focus on ensuring temperature and authenticity, and measure oxygen content.

D: The process of rough alloy, the whole process of powder and packaging and packaging are fully closed under the maintenance of the sorch, and the oxygen content of the alloy is very low. There are four aspects of finished product inspection

1) Appearance: The phenomenon of non -discoloration oxidation in appearance, no block phenomenon

2) Physical properties, particle size distribution, loosening ratio that meets the company's specifications;

3) Chemical characteristics: The ingredients and impurities content of alloy powder, the PCT curve of the alloy fits the company's specifications;

4) Electrochemical properties: The electrochemical capacity of alloy, charging and discharge special, circulating life, large -current pulse power distribution characteristics and temperature characteristics.



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