Lithium battery processing production equipment and manufacturing process Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery processing production equipment and manufacturing process

(1) Special solvents and binders for pulping are mixed with powdered positive and negative active materials respectively, and after high-speed stirring evenly, slurry positive and negative materials are made.

(2) Coating film The prepared slurry is uniformly coated on the surface of the metal foil and dried to form positive and negative electrode pieces respectively.

(3) The assembly is placed in the top-down order of the positive electrode sheet-diaphragm-negative electrode sheet-diaphragm, and the battery pole core is made by winding, and then the process of injecting electrolyte and sealing is completed, that is, the battery is completed. Assembly process to make the finished battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

(4) Huacheng uses special lithium-ion battery charging and discharging equipment to conduct charge and discharge tests on the finished batteries, test each battery, and screen out qualified finished batteries before leaving the factory.

There are many kinds of lithium-ion battery processing and production equipment. The complete set of equipment for material batteries (production of battery cells) costs 10 million yuan, and the complete set of lithium-ion battery assembly equipment ranges from 20,000 yuan to several million automatic equipment. You can choose according to your own needs. .

The lithium-ion battery processing equipment is configured according to the different raw materials to be processed, and the output required by the user varies at different prices. Another point is that it is equipped with the existing factory buildings and equipment of the user. The price of a complete set of small lithium-ion battery assembly and processing equipment is a few The price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. The manufacturer cannot make a quotation without knowing it. For details, you must contact the staff of the lithium-ion battery manufacturer, hoping to help you.

Lithium-ion battery production and manufacturing process

The production process of lithium-ion batteries is relatively complicated. The important production process mainly covers the stirring and coating stage of electrode production (front stage), the winding and liquid injection stage of cell synthesis (middle stage), and the packaging and inspection stage of chemical packaging (back stage) , the value (purchase amount) ratio is about (35~40%): (30~35)%: (30~35)%. The differences mainly come from different equipment suppliers and differences in the proportion of imported/domestic products.

The lithium battery equipment corresponding to the front-end process of lithium battery production mainly includes vacuum mixers, coating machines, roller presses, etc.; the middle-stage processes mainly include die-cutting machines, winding machines, lamination machines, liquid injection machines, etc.; the latter process includes chemical forming machines , Volumetric testing equipment, process warehousing and logistics automation, etc. In addition, the production of battery packs requires Pack automation equipment.

The production process of lithium-ion batteries is not very consistent for each manufacturer, but most of them are inseparable from these links, specifically as follows: material preparation, homogenization, coating, rolling, cutting, baking, winding, shell, laser welding and baking Liquid injection, pre-filling, sealing, cleaning, aging, full inspection, warehousing and shipment.



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