Lithium battery long-term strategic cooperation -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery long-term strategic cooperation -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On December 2, Funeng Technology and Huayou Cobalt announced successively. The content of the announcement shows that Funeng Technology has signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Huayou Cobalt Industry. The two parties announced that they will discuss the procurement of ternary precursors, the recycling of waste and used batteries, the development, application and exchange of ternary cathodes and precursors. For in-depth cooperation, the validity period of the agreement will be extended from the effective date to December 31, 2025.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The content of the notice mentioned that Funeng Technology plans to purchase 161,500 tons of ternary precursors from Huayou Cobalt within the validity period of the agreement, and the specific price will be implemented according to the pricing method agreed in the agreement. Huayou Cobalt will give priority to ensuring the stable supply of raw materials approved by Funeng Technology under the same conditions, while Funeng Technology will give priority to evaluating and purchasing Huayou Cobalt's ternary precursor raw materials under the approval of technical standards.

In addition, the two parties also agreed to jointly develop high-energy materials for batteries and jointly set up a research and development laboratory for precursors and cathode materials; the two parties will cooperate in analyzing market development trends, and open and transparently communicate regularly or irregularly, share industry chain information, and clarify The future material development plan and technical indicators will iterate for the next generation of battery products, and jointly form a technical reserve.

Funeng Technology stated in the announcement that this cooperation is in line with relevant national industrial policies and the company's overall development strategy, which is not only conducive to ensuring the company's future supply chain security, expanding cost advantages, but also helping the company seize market opportunities, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Thereby enhancing the company's core competitiveness.

It is reported that Huayou Cobalt is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of new energy lithium battery materials and cobalt new material products. It is a high-tech company with an integrated industrial chain from cobalt and nickel resource development to lithium battery material manufacturing. After more than ten years of development, the company has formed an industrial pattern of integrated and coordinated development of three business sectors: resources, non-ferrous metals, and new energy.

It is worth noting that the layout of Huayou Cobalt in the new energy business sector is mainly the research and development, production and sales of ternary precursor products of lithium battery cathode materials, and ternary precursor products are mainly used for electric vehicles, energy storage system battery cathodes Material. At present, Huayou Cobalt's ternary precursor products have been applied in large quantities to the international high-end brand automobile industry chain and the international energy storage market.

The cooperation between Funeng Technology and Huayou Cobalt has far-reaching influence and is an important measure to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. According to the analysis of industry insiders, the cooperation between Funeng Technology and Huayou Cobalt in the procurement of ternary precursors will help the company to ensure the stable supply of raw materials and effectively control costs, thereby further expanding the existing advantages of the company's raw material procurement model.

In addition, industry insiders also said that the cooperation between Funeng Technology and Huayou Cobalt in the research and development, application and exchange of ternary cathodes and precursors can promote the improvement of Funeng's existing technologies, which is conducive to the company's continued Improve the market competitiveness of ternary soft pack technology.

The cooperation between the two parties in the recycling of waste and used batteries not only enables the two parties to further reduce comprehensive production costs and increase profit margins, but also responds to the national strategic goal of low-carbon and environmental protection development, and contributes to the creation of an environment-friendly society. social responsibility.




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