Lithium battery copper foil with high tensile -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery copper foil with high tensile strength -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At present, the same concentration of lithium battery copper foil industry and battery industry is slowly increasing, and large and strong lithium battery companies have obvious development advantages.

Recently, when accepting the investigation of investment institutions, Nord Co., Ltd. stated that it is difficult for small lithium battery copper foil companies to develop at present, and the development of new copper foil companies is also uncertain. There are two important reasons: First, the technology cannot keep up. , the overall technological change in the industry is relatively fast; the second is the differentiation and reshuffle of battery companies. CATL (CATL) and BYD have more than 60% of the share, and it is more difficult to enter now. So now the new entrants are facing difficulties, the important thing is the expansion of the existing large copper foil companies.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In terms of technology, NORD shares have made new progress. For example, the most difficult high tensile strength, the company can now achieve 43kg, and is breaking through 50kg, while most copper foil companies are about 30kg.

Nord Co., Ltd. said that overseas companies have higher and higher requirements for high tensile strength, and TSLA once even proposed 55-60kg. After the tensile strength is high, the roll length of a roll can be increased from 5,000 meters in the past to 10,000-20,000 meters. The longer the roll length, the higher the efficiency of the battery plant and the less waste; at the same time, the tensile strength also contributes to the safety of the battery .

In terms of market development, Nord said that in June and July, the company's largest customer has switched to CATL, and the Huizhou plant has begun to supply LG Chem in small batches, and will soon come to Qinghai for inspection; Panasonic's factory inspection has been in progress. , TSLA has also inspected the company's factory, the promotion should be accelerated, and the factory may be audited by the end of the year.

Nord said that overseas customers have the characteristics of stable price and stable payment. At present, the company's key work is the expansion of overseas customers. The company hopes that the export proportion of copper foil products will gradually increase to 50% in the future.

In terms of output, its wholly-owned subsidiary Qinghai Electronics currently produces about 20,000 tons of lithium-ion copper foil, and Huizhou added 3,000 tons at the end of June to 8,000 tons, producing relatively high-end products; The output of the first phase of 10,000 tons is a high-end output that can be produced from 6 microns to 8 microns. The target customers are Qinghai BYD and Qinghai CATL.

Nord Co., Ltd. said that the shipment volume in the first quarter of last year was about 5,000 tons, and about half of last year in the first half of this year; in July this year, it was close to 2,000 tons in a single month, and the new plant will continue to produce new output in September, and the shipment volume will be keep zooming in. At present, the situation in the second half of the year will be much better than the first half.

The following is the survey record:

1. What is the current situation of the company's new product development and promotion?

A: The 6-micron punched copper foil can already be produced as a pilot product. At present, there are no customers, and the downstream equipment and processes cannot be matched. The important thing is to represent the technical strength and innovation vitality. Ordinary 6-micron copper foil is basically used by a few large lithium battery companies, and few in Japan and South Korea. Replacing 8 microns with 6 microns can increase the energy density of batteries by 5%, which is very important for the improvement of product competitiveness of lithium battery companies.

2. What are the company's current important customers?

A: CATL (CATL) is the absolute leader, and the proportion of BYD is also increasing. The company's goal is to make more than 60% of the share of these two companies; Funeng, Lishen, and Yiwei Lithium Energy are also continuing to supply. The customer's strategy will definitely focus on the main battery companies, including well-known overseas companies, and will definitely strengthen customer relationship management and accounts receivable management.



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