Li-ion battery protection board wiring -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Li-ion battery protection board wiring -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The lithium battery protection board is the charge and discharge protection for the series-connected lithium battery pack; when fully charged, it can ensure that the voltage difference between the individual cells is less than the set value (generally ±20mV), and realize the equal charge of the individual cells of the battery pack. , effectively improving the charging effect in the series charging mode; at the same time, it detects the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and overtemperature status of each single cell in the battery pack to protect and prolong the battery life; undervoltage protection makes each A single-cell battery is used to avoid damage to the battery due to over-discharge.

The finished lithium battery mainly consists of two parts, lithium battery core and protective plate. The lithium battery core is mainly composed of positive plate, diaphragm, negative plate and electrolyte; positive plate, diaphragm and negative plate are wound or laminated, packaged, and perfused with electrolyte , After packaging, it is made into a battery. Many people do not know the function of the lithium battery protection board. The lithium battery protection board, as the name suggests, is used to protect the lithium battery. flow, and there is output short circuit protection.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Lithium battery protection board connection method

There are two design methods for the lithium battery protection plate, namely positive plate and negative plate. The principle and purpose are the same, but the device does not support software to modify the settings of the positive and negative protection plates, so it can only be physically correct. The protection method is determined by connection, and the software used is also different. The connection methods and operation methods of the two protection boards are described below.

Introduction of several wiring methods of lithium battery protection board

The connection method of the battery protection board The commonly used protection boards are nothing more than three types of negative pole board, negative pole split board, and positive pole board

Wiring principle diagram

1. The wiring sequence for connecting the protection board to the battery: ☆Special attention: the cables of different manufacturers are not common, please make sure to use the matching cables: ①Before connecting the cables, make sure that the cables are not inserted into the protection board; ②Connect the B-wire (blue) of the protection board Color thick line) is welded to the total negative electrode of the battery; ③The cable starts from the thin black line connecting B-, the second line (thin red line) is connected to the positive electrode of the first string of batteries, followed by the positive electrode of each string of batteries in turn, until the last String B+; ④ Do not insert the plug directly into the protection board after the cable is connected, and measure the voltage between every two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. It should be between 2.5~3.65V, and the lithium titanate battery should be between 1.6~2.8V; ⑤After the wiring sequence and voltage are confirmed, insert the protection board socket

Lithium battery protection board wiring tutorial


After the wiring is completed: measure whether the voltages of B+ and B- of the battery are equal to those of P+ and P-. If they are equal, the protection board is working normally and can be used normally. If they are not equal, please check again according to the above wiring sequence. PS: The method of connecting this line of the same port and the branch port is the same, the difference is that they have different methods of discharging (load, motor) and charging. The negative poles of charging and discharging of the same port are connected to the P-line; the charging line of the sub-port is connected to the C-line, and the discharge line is connected to the P-line.

Lithium battery protection board wiring tutorial



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