Li-ion battery pack management -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Li-ion battery pack management -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium-ion battery pack is a product of lithium-ion batteries in series or in series, which is very common in our daily life. To put it bluntly, the balance is to maintain all lithium-ion battery packs in all normal areas to ensure overall safety.

Why do lithium-ion battery packs have to be balanced? Lithium-ion battery packs are generally composed of one or several lithium-ion battery packs connected in series, and each lithium-ion battery pack is composed of three to four series-connected batteries. The integration of operating voltage, switching power supplies and medical devices can take into account the regulations for industrial processing applications. The lithium-ion battery pack balance intelligent management system can reasonably test, maintain, balance kinetic energy and alert lithium-ion battery packs, improving the high efficiency and service life of all lithium-ion battery packs. The balance technology of lithium-ion battery packs can solve this problem, thereby improving the characteristics of lithium-ion battery packs. According to the basic adjustment of rechargeable battery balance, the problem of rechargeable battery mismatch can be solved. Only in the whole process of battery charging and the actual product must be balanced, and the rechargeable battery mismatch must be balanced during the whole process of battery charging.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

To guard against the problem of short battery cycles. The use of lithium-ion battery packs is beneficial to the safety of lithium-ion batteries. Otherwise, some single lithium-ion batteries are found to be abnormal or cannot be operated immediately, resulting in common failures, fire accidents, and explosions.

At this stage, the common technical key of lithium-ion battery pack balance is passive energy consumption, battery charge balance and active migration balance. From the perspective of development and design difficulty, cost, balance efficiency and output power utilization, passive balance is the most important. It is very easy to develop trends, the cost is the least, and the amount of balancing current is not large. Generally, in the field of 100ma, the balancing efficiency is low, the output power utilization rate is zero, the balancing current can reach the ampere level, the balance is high efficiency, and the migration is active to balance the complexity. The higher the cost, the higher the cost, and the larger the amount of balanced current can achieve amperage, balanced efficiency and maximum output power utilization.



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