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LG develops low-temperature technology for lithium batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

IT House September 26 news According to foreign media TheElec news, LG Energy Solutions recently announced the development of low-temperature charging technology for solid-state batteries. The solid-state battery refers to the use of metal lithium for the negative electrode of the lithium battery, replacing the electrolyte and polymer materials containing lithium ions. This technology can significantly improve the energy density of batteries, but it has disadvantages such as difficult manufacturing and difficult charging.

This technology, jointly developed by LG and the University of California, San Diego, reduces the charging temperature of solid-state batteries from the previous 60 °C to 25 °C, and can achieve more than 500 cycles at the same time.

Specifically, this technology removes the conductive materials and binders of the negative electrode of lithium batteries and replaces them with silicon particles with a diameter of about 5 microns to overcome the problem of slow charging at room temperature. IT House learned that LG Energy Solutions said that after 500 cycles, the remaining capacity of this prototype battery is still higher than 80%, and the energy density of this solid-state battery is more than 40% higher than that of existing products.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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