Kerui fixed-point breakthrough lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Kerui fixed-point breakthrough lithium battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Acting low-key but enjoying a good reputation in the lithium battery industry, this lithium battery equipment company released a big move at the 2018 CIBF battery exhibition.

At the exhibition, Shenzhen Kerui Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerui Technology") mainly exhibited two types of equipment: winding machine and soft package vacuum packaging machine. Among them, the winding machine launched by Kerui Technology has attracted a lot of attention.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to the introduction of Kerui technical field technicians, the linear speed of this winding machine is ≥2m/s, and the winding alignment can still reach ±0.3mm under high-speed operation.

In 2018, the key work of Kerui Technology for the lithium battery market is to focus on key products and strengthen accumulation and precipitation technology. Winding machine is a product that the company is currently focusing on research and development.

Kerui Technology was established in Shenzhen, China in 2001 and has accumulated 17 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the group has 7 companies engaged in precision automation and related businesses. Its business scope covers mobile communications, new energy, medical, hard drives, automobiles, logistics and other fields, and maintains in-depth cooperation with industry leaders from all walks of life. .

At present, the major products of Kerui Technology in the lithium battery market mainly include lamination machines, soft pack vacuum packaging machines, and pressure forming machines. In view of the relatively stable market structure in the front-end of the lithium battery equipment market and fierce competition in the back-end market, but there is still a need for process upgrading in the middle-stage automation, Kerui Technology has formulated a "5+ intelligence" fixed-point breakthrough strategy on the basis of its own middle-stage equipment field. .

The foundation of Kerui Technology's strategy to break through the lithium battery market is to adhere to the 7-character motto: "Do something, and don't do something." Specifically, based on the existing lithium battery equipment market environment and the background of the power battery industry, Kerui Technology will focus on 5 core workstations in the middle and late stages, and build core competitiveness through these workstations, and strive to become a mid-to-late stage. An integrated solution provider for segment lithium battery equipment.

The first core station targeted by Kerui Technology is to launch a winding machine and a stacking machine for square aluminum shells.

As mentioned above, the winding machine line speed of Kerui Technology reaches ≥2m/s. In fact, the characteristics of this equipment also include: real-time measurement and monitoring of winding tension, and tension fluctuation ≤±5%. The most special design is that the pole piece and the diaphragm are fully partitioned and closed. The closed-loop low-tension precision control system is adopted to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the pole piece alignment under high-speed winding operation.

The lamination machine is a flagship product of Kerui Technology, and its biggest feature is the integration of die-cutting and lamination. The stacking machine of Kerui Technology is mainly used for square aluminum shell and soft-pack lithium battery. It can stack multiple cells at one time, and the cells are separated by gaskets; it can realize automatic unwinding of pole pieces and diaphragms in real time. Deviation correction; at the same time, the metal die-cutting process is used for production, and the misalignment value of the lamination is automatically judged by the online testing equipment to realize the automatic deviation correction of the lamination, and the single-machine production capacity reaches 3.5ppm.

The second core station is the pressure forming machine, including two types of cold pressing and hot pressing. The pressure forming machine of Kerui Technology is used for pressure forming of bare cells, and has functions such as Hi-pot test, tab misalignment detection, information traceability, and NG product rejection. The main features are: the pressure plate is treated with anti-sticking to prevent the bare cells from sticking to the pressure plate, with single-layer and double-layer pressure stations, the parallelism of the upper and lower plates is controlled at ±0.1mm, the temperature of each point of the pressure plate is uniform, and the temperature difference is ≤± 2°C.



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