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Innovation and transformation of lithium battery industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, lithium battery innovation is quite lively.

The demand is vast, the cost pressure is high, and the capital is crazy. The innovation impulse of lithium battery industry has never been so urgent.

From 4680 batteries to solid-state batteries, from system innovation to local innovation, from material innovation to process innovation, where does this round of lithium battery innovation come from and where will it go?

01 Why is innovation urgent?

At present, the lithium battery industry faces two negative pressures:

On the one hand, under the existing mature technology path, the output and planning are continuously improved, the homogenization competition is fierce, the cost pressure is prominent, and the gross profit rate pressure is large; On the other hand, the real technological innovation that is most conducive to reducing costs is progressing slowly, and the breakthrough technological iteration is still brewing.

At present, in the field of power and energy storage battery, the relatively mature technical routes are square, cylindrical (18650/21700), soft bag, lithium iron phosphate, ternary (non high nickel), etc.

Under these technical routes, the cost of materials has risen to varying degrees, and the price of upstream resources such as lithium carbonate has remained high. At the same time, the supply of materials with a long production cycle such as diaphragm and copper foil is also tight, and the supply chain competition is brutal.

The old technology route is mature, the competition dimension is constantly rising, and non-technical competition such as supply chain cooperation is also white-hot, while the new technology route is still brewing. At the turn of the old and the new, the competition pattern is stuck inside, and the industry needs to break the situation.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Innovation is actually a helpless move to get rid of the lithium battery industry.

02 What is the key to innovation?

The lithium battery industry urgently needs a decent technological iteration. What kind of innovation is worth looking forward to? The important standard of innovation is "flexibility", that is, the impact on the industry pattern, and the ability to get rid of the existing industry insiders and actively realize the track switch.

Blade battery was a typical case.

BYD launched the blade battery in 2020. Last June, Wang Chuanfu said that "BYD blade battery has pulled lithium iron phosphate back from the marginalization with its own strength!".

In fact, no matter what, the installation of lithium iron phosphate battery in domestic power lithium battery has indeed reversed, and the proportion has now exceeded that of ternary battery. BYD has also strengthened its competitive position in lithium battery and electric vehicle field through blade battery.

In any case, the introduction of blade batteries has a profound impact on the lithium battery industry.

Returning to the origin of the industry, the ultimate pursuit of innovation is "flexibility is the king", that is, how to realize the fundamental technological iteration and have a profound impact on the industry, and the capital market will also give feedback.

From the perspective of industrial development, technological innovation with strong flexibility, especially the technological iteration of transforming the technological path, may lead to some major changes in the entire lithium battery industry chain, and even cause some impact. From battery companies, to upstream materials and equipment suppliers, to downstream application scenarios, new technologies challenge the old forces and eliminate the old production. This is the law of industrial development.

From the perspective of the capital market, the more flexible, the greater the industrial multiplier effect, the greater the future development space, the greater the excess profit, and the higher the valuation level. On the contrary, the more lethargic and unchanging the technical route, the more fierce the competition, the lower the gross profit rate and the lower the valuation level.

03 Big men seek breakthroughs in succession

Since the current lithium battery technology route is highly competitive, it is natural that the best way to break away from the shackles of competition is either systemic innovation or local micro-innovation. Industry leaders have spared no effort in pursuing more flexible next-generation technology.



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