Ingredient content key technological innovation -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Ingredient content key technological innovation -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The "three mountains" of performance, output and price have been restricting the upgrading of the power lithium battery industry.

The addition of intelligent manufacturing has enabled the power lithium battery company to find an effective way to overcome the "three mountains". Not only the manufacturing side, but also the R&D side, the consumer side and even the entire power lithium battery industry chain will undergo tremendous changes under the influence of "smart manufacturing".

my country's power lithium battery production is moving towards the era of "intelligent manufacturing", and the construction of intelligent factories will become the core link in promoting intelligent manufacturing. Smart factory means networked production equipment, unmanned production site, visualization of production process, transparent production process, and paperless production documents.

"The core of lithium battery intelligent manufacturing is the intelligent factory, and the intelligent factory requires a large number of intelligent equipment to realize the higher and higher requirements for automation and intelligence, and the demand for intelligent manufacturing is more urgent." Shenghong Co., Ltd. Chen Daiwei, general manager of the battery formation and testing business department, gave a keynote speech titled "Key Technology Innovation of Chemical Composition and Capacity" at the annual meeting of the high-tech lithium battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

▲Chen Daiwei, General Manager of the Battery Formation and Testing Division of Shenghong Co., Ltd.

Chen Daiwei introduced that at present, new challenges and requirements have been put forward for chemical composition and capacity-related equipment. One is energy feedback: reducing energy consumption, preventing equipment from causing excessive workshop temperature and affecting the production environment; second, high power density: single-cabinet output The number of points is increased, the equipment occupation is reduced, and the workshop utilization rate is improved; the third is high consistency: from the aspects of component selection, PCB layout, module heat dissipation design, etc.; the fourth is high precision: improving the battery yield and consistency, At least ±(0.05%FS+0.05%RD); Fifth, high performance: ACDC adopts resonance technology to reduce EMC and EMI and the impact on the power grid; DCDC selects high-frequency digital power supply, with smaller ripple, higher efficiency and power density .

In addition, another key point of the key technological innovation of chemical composition and content is MES system. MES has to deal with many IT systems, such as ERP (company resource planning), WMS (warehouse management system), PDM (product data management), on-site acquisition system , so the following two conditions must be met:

In terms of hardware, the first is very clear demand; the second is sufficient personnel and funds; the third is reliable basic data. In terms of software, one is an automated and digital basic production system; the other is an open device that supports a variety of data collection methods.

Founded in September 2007, Shenghong Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of power electronic equipment. At present, its products mainly include power quality equipment, electric vehicle charging piles, new energy power conversion equipment, and battery formation and Testing Equipment. Among them, the battery formation and testing equipment includes the chemical composition power supply cabinet, the chemical composition automatic production line, and the PACK test system.

Energy feedback type battery formation and testing equipment is an important product of Shenghong Co., Ltd. Gaogong Lithium Electric learned that in 2016 Shenghong Electric Energy feedback type battery formation and detection equipment sales amounted to nearly 60 million, and equipment shipments reached more than 500 units . The equipment is at the industry-leading level in core technologies such as inverter feedback, precision control, and data processing. It has been highly recognized by customers for its non-standard customization capabilities, and can respond to customers' customized needs in a timely manner.

At the same time, in the field of cell composition and capacity automation system, it can well complete the planning and design of automated composition, capacity separation, logistics, warehousing and other systems, and has mature customer cases. In data processing, it can well complete the MES system docking required by customers, and has mature cases and relevant experience in data processing.



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