Influence of Expressway on Urbanization -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Influence of Expressway Construction on Urbanization -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1 Introduction to Urbanization The term "urbanization" was widely used by Spanish scholar Zeda in 1867. In China, it is also translated into urbanization or urbanization. The so-called urbanization simply refers to the process of transforming rural population into urban population, or the process of transforming agricultural population into non-agricultural population. To be specific, it includes five aspects: the continuous increase of the proportion of urban population in a country or region, the way to achieve urbanization, the changes in the regional distribution of urban population and non-agricultural population, the characteristics of the relationship between industry and agriculture and urban and rural areas, and the urban structure and modernization level.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

2 Analysis of the impact of highway construction on urbanization As one of the main components of the comprehensive transportation system, the basket speed highway will not only meet the needs of regional passenger and freight transport, but also drive the development of regional social economy, thus having a certain impact on the urbanization process. The development of urbanization is bound to generate transportation demand, and regional transportation conditions affect the process of urbanization. Therefore, transportation conditions are closely related to the development of urbanization.

2.1 Relying on expressways to develop small towns has become China's urbanization - expressways have played an increasingly important role in the process of urbanization, not only as the main channel to guide regional industrial layout, but also as the main spatial axis of regional cities. The process of urban-rural integration along the expressway and surrounding areas has been accelerated rapidly, reducing the urban-rural differences. In developed areas, there is almost no vacant land along the expressway, which can not distinguish between towns and villages, and the urban and rural areas are basically connected. The main regional industrial layout is mainly concentrated along the expressway, making the expressway not only the main channel for regional transportation links, but also the economic and social link between cities. The industrial belt along the expressway is gradually formed to drive the development of cities and towns, and successfully achieve the social goals of regional urbanization and urban-rural integration.

The construction of expressways to promote the development of the tertiary industry in cities and towns has created favorable conditions for people and logistics, promoted the development of the tertiary industry such as commerce and tourism, and optimized the urban and rural economic structure as a whole. For example, the completion of the Beijing Tianjin Tanggu Expressway has greatly reduced the space and time distance between Beijing and Tianjin; At the same time, transportation itself means the flow of people and goods, which will bring prosperity to the commerce along the line and promote the formation of various large and small trade centers. The expressway also expands the tourist attractions along the line in depth and improves the comprehensive service level of the tourism industry, which is conducive to different development strategies for different towns.

Promoting the rational allocation of transportation network in the regional urban system structure is the basis for the development of urban system, and is one of the most important factors to be considered in the urban system layout. The development of expressways narrows the distance between urban and rural areas, creates favorable space conditions for the development of cities and towns, drives the emergence of new urban groups and the expansion of existing cities, adjusts the layout of the regional urban system, and speeds up the urbanization process along the line.

2.2 From the construction examples at home and abroad, we can see the urbanization along the expressway. With the rapid development of expressway, expressway has become the spatial development axis of urban development. Foreign practical experience shows that a highway, especially the highway between big cities, will gradually extend and develop the big cities at both ends along the highway, forming a city cluster with the highway as the axis, and forming a series of satellite towns near the exits or overpasses. The main function of these satellite towns is to supplement the functions of the central city.



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