New national standard for batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Implementation of the new national standard for batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

As a green and environmentally friendly means of transportation, electric vehicles are widely loved by consumers, which has also greatly promoted the development of related accessories industries! As the power source of electric vehicles, the development speed of batteries is more than that of electric vehicles!

The promulgation of the new national standard for electric vehicles stipulates that the weight of the whole vehicle (including the battery) does not exceed the mandatory high threshold of 55 kg. There is no doubt that the provisions of the new national standard are very beneficial for lithium-ion bicycle companies and lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies. , making the lithium battery with light weight and high specific energy become the battery of choice for the new national standard car models.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The new national standard for batteries has been officially implemented since July 1. Due to the promulgation of the dual national standards for batteries "new national standard" electric vehicles "new national standard", this clearly supports the potential of new energy lithium-ion batteries to replace lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries are developing rapidly. , the ascent rate is 300%. But are things really what we see on the surface? The answer is not necessarily.

Lithium-ion batteries do have many inherent advantages that lead-acid batteries do not have, such as small size and light weight, because lithium-ion batteries are light and have high capacity density. The same weight and volume can hold many times the energy of lead-acid batteries. . On the contrary, lithium-ion batteries with the same energy will be much lighter than lead-acid batteries, which may be one of the reasons why lithium-ion batteries will be more popular under the new national standard.

The second advantage is that the power is strong and the driving mileage is longer. The same car, the same configuration, the performance of the car when the lithium-ion battery is installed is significantly improved than the performance of the car when the lead-acid battery is installed, such as acceleration performance, climbing The performance is obviously better than that of lead-acid batteries. The important reason is that the lithium-ion battery has good discharge performance, and the instantaneous discharge performance is better than that of lead-acid. In addition, it is light in weight, and the car climbs uphill, which is equivalent to reducing its own weight. Of course, the climbing ability is stronger, which is undoubtedly the second reason for its popularity.

The third advantage is that the battery is used more frequently and has a longer service life, which is also a point emphasized by the new national standard for batteries. Generally, the number of cycles of ternary lithium batteries is about 1,000 times. According to the general usage of our current electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries can be used for at least 4 years, and the most important thing is that they can be recycled, which will maximize energy utilization!

Counting so many advantages of lithium-ion batteries, but now that we are returning to the market, there is always a reason why lithium-ion batteries have not been fully promoted. What is the reason that hinders the large-scale explosion of lithium-ion batteries?

First of all, the technology for developing lithium-ion batteries is still immature. There are still technical problems in the research and development of positive and negative electrode materials and auxiliary materials for lithium-ion batteries. Although it can be recycled, it is difficult to ensure that the actual life of the product meets the ideal requirements! And in this regard The R&D funds of the company have not been given high subsidies by the relevant national parties, and the R&D funds are insufficient, so they can only do everything in the material, which is the reason why the inferior lithium-ion battery caught fire!

Secondly, the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries must require professional testing equipment. The batteries with problems must be picked out, and then compatible and matched with professional equipment to ensure a high degree of consistency of the battery pack. The high-tech maintenance cost makes many businesses discouraged We all know that the key point for the popularity of lead-acid batteries is that battery maintenance is very convenient, so that lead-acid batteries have become a very typical independent sales component in the electric vehicle industry, and the maintenance of batteries has become a real household name. A situation where thousands of households can repair.



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