How to solve the problem of new energy security -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to solve the problem of new energy security? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. Among them, ternary lithium battery electric vehicles with high driving range have developed more rapidly and become the main force in the market. However, extreme joy begets sorrow. Spontaneous combustion and fire of electric vehicles occur frequently. The safety of electric vehicles has aroused great attention of the public.

On September 21, Mr. Chen in Hangzhou drove the Zhidou D2 electric car rented from Xiaolingou Car Rental Company. Suddenly, the car caught fire with a bang. The flames rushed out of the chassis and quickly flooded the whole body. Fortunately, Mr. Chen ran fast so that it was OK, but the property on the car was completely burnt. Mr. Chen said that there were 3000 yuan in cash and 7000 yuan worth of measuring tools in the car. Fortunately, people were OK.

It is understood that Xiaolingou Car Rental Company has more than 900 electric vehicles, among which Zhidou Electric Vehicles will be notified for maintenance every 10,000 kilometers. The car Mr. Chen rented drove 9000 kilometers when he collected the car, and then drove 8000 kilometers after maintenance.

After the fire was put out, the vehicle was sent to the service station designated by Xiaolingou. The staff carried out a preliminary inspection of the vehicle and found that there was a 3cm hole in the iron plate outside the battery pack. Zhang, the head of the car rental company, said that it might be caused by driving bumps, which has been reflected to the store. The specific reason should be tested by the manufacturer.

Alarming electric vehicle fire

On August 19, Shenzhen mini electric van caught fire;

On August 20, an electric vehicle caught fire in Liaoning;

On August 3, Liaocheng electric truck caught fire;

On August 25, Chengdu Weima Automobile caught fire;

On August 26, Anhui Tongling Ankai electric bus caught fire;

On August 28, the charging van electric vehicle caught fire;

On August 31, Lifan 650EV caught fire;

On September 1, it was suspected that Tesla was on fire in Changchun;

On September 5, three charging electric vehicles caught fire in Zhuhai.

On September 6, a Hefei Benz electric car caught fire.

Security is the core of new energy

Previously, people in the industry had been working hard on the endurance mileage. In fact, consumers really cared about its safety performance. Life was priceless, and no one was willing to spend money to make their lives insecure. If the safety performance of the battery is not improved, the promotion of new energy vehicles will only be more difficult.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

At present, the state has a large amount of subsidies for new energy vehicles, as do local governments. The most important condition of the subsidy is that the pure electric endurance mileage should be high. Major manufacturers make great efforts on the endurance mileage, but they are obviously insufficient in safety performance.

Now is the initial stage of the development of new energy vehicles, and also a critical period of industrial development. Only by ensuring the safety of consumers can we ensure the long-term development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Security is not just a problem for manufacturers

With the advocacy of energy conservation and emission reduction and the promotion of national policies, more and more enterprises have started to build cars and new energy vehicles. New vehicle enterprises have sprung up on the market like bamboo shoots in spring.

Not long ago, Yema Uneng E350, a new energy vehicle owned by Yema, was naturally in the parking lot, which directly led to the lying down of Weima EX5, a new car making force. The reason is that the batteries of Yema Uneng E350 and Weima EX5 are from Gushen.

It can be seen that safety is not only a problem for automobile manufacturers, but also may involve power battery enterprises, charging facility enterprises and some after-sales service enterprises.


The increasing number of new energy vehicle fires has accelerated the industry's attention to safety. In the face of the high risk of power battery fires, auto manufacturers, battery enterprises, charging facilities enterprises, etc. should consider: how to avoid from the design of the power battery itself? Consumers should also popularize the precautions for the use of new energy vehicles as soon as possible, and how to scientifically and effectively extinguish a fire once it breaks out.



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