The effect of lithium branches crystal on -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to slow down the effects of lithium branched crystals on the lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The formation of lithium branch crystals is a technical problem that the lithium battery industry cannot avoid. As long as the lithium -ion battery is charged and discharged, lithium -ion will form lithium branches crystals. And after a long period of accumulation, when the lithium branch crystals grow to a certain length, the diaphragm will cause a short circuit inside the lithium -ion battery. Once a short -circuit light in the lithium -ion battery is scrapped Life is safe.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In addition to craftsmanship and natural factors, human factors can also lead to other factors.

1) Process problems, when the single motor is not well coated, the weight of the polarity is large, or the active substance contains too much impurities, etc., which is conducive to the formation of lithium branches crystal.

2) For man -put, the number of lithium ions and diffusion capabilities for negative electrodes is limited. When deep discharge, the remaining lithium ion will be free of the negative electrode surface and lithium branches crystal appears.

3) Natural reaction. During discharge, lithium ions are removed from the electrolyte and diaphragm from the positive electrode material, and embedded the negative electrode. Charging will reverse this process. When the lithium ion of the negative electrode returns to the positive electrode, the negative electrode will be charged with local itinerary space, and lithium branches crystal will appear.

Lithium rosewood crystals are a large killer of lithium ion battery life. There is no way to prevent it from appearing. How to slow the emergence of lithium -branched crystals when using lithium -ion batteries.

1) Good lithium -ion battery charging habits: regular, and good lithium -ion battery charging habits can slow the appearance of lithium branches crystals. When the power of lithium ion battery is less than 50% A reasonable current can also help slow down the emergence of lithium branched crystals. Why fast charging accelerates the aging of lithium ion batteries? It is important that the charging of large current will accelerate the response of lithium ions, and at the same time, it will also accelerate the growth of lithium branches. Although the growth of lithium branches may eventually pierce the diaphragm, once it grows to a certain degree, it will increase the resistance of the lithium ion battery and affect the power depositability of the battery.

2) Prevent excessive discharge: For example, mobile phone lithium -ion batteries, or electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries, all lithium ion batteries should be used to prevent power below 20%as much as possible when using. senescence.

3) Store in a dry and cool environment: If lithium -ion batteries need to be stored for a long time, the environment for storage is also very important. Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of the battery, and it is no exception when storage.

In long -term reciprocating discharge, the formation of lithium branches crystal is one of the lithium ion batteries used in our daily life to prevent the links from preventing the links, and it also limits the application of lithium ion batteries on many occasions. Therefore, the correct and reasonable use of lithium ion batteries is the knowledge that all lithium -ion batteries should master.



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