Prevent battery electric vehicles from fire -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to prevent the fire of battery electric vehicles from fire -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery manufacturers teach you how to prevent the occurrence of lithium -ion battery electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging explosion? It sounds scary! But as everyone said, news is common. Electric vehicles have become one of the important means of transportation in people's daily life. While bringing transportation convenience to everyone, it also brings hidden safety hazards that cannot be ignored. As the temperature rises in summer, the battery is hot during the charging of electric vehicles, and a little carelessness will cause the fire to endanger the crowd. So, how will we prevent electric vehicle fire accidents? Lithium -ion battery manufacturers teach you how to do.

Causes of lithium -ion battery electric vehicles

1. Battery failure

Electric vehicle batteries are generally composed of several batteries. If there is inferior products in the battery pack, short -circuit or faults are prone to occur during charging, becoming the fuse of the fire.

2. Battery deficiency

When the battery is dehydrated, the battery cannot reach the corresponding voltage, and the charger cannot determine whether the battery is full or whether it is overcharged. At the same time, the battery is full of water shortage, which will cause battery fever. The common situation is the battery drum bag.

3. Internal short circuit

The short -circuit of the internal battery cells causes a large current discharge, a large amount of heat occurs, and burning the diaphragm, causing a larger short -circuit phenomenon, which will break down the electrolyte into gas. If the internal pressure is too large, the battery will explode.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

4. Charger quality problem

In the case of the battery qualification, if the charger is not qualified, it cannot be disconnected in time after full power, or the current is too large, it is easy to charge the fire.

How to prevent the fire of lithium ion battery electric vehicles

First, in any product market, "one point price, one point" is always the same truth. And those who are cheap and cheap are often picking sesame seeds and throwing watermelon. Therefore, when choosing a lithium -ion battery, you must not ignore the importance of the brand in order to save money. Although you ca n’t follow the brand with brand names, at least you also consider the brand's market influence. Try to choose those brands with good reputation and high sales to buy.

Second, it must not be overtime or over -charging when charging electric vehicles, which affects the service life of the battery lightly, and severely causes serious accidents such as explosion. When replacing the battery, you must choose a lithium -ion battery that matches your own electric car. Essence

Third, it is necessary to strengthen vehicle management to prevent the vehicle from being stored and exposed to sunlight. Electric vehicles should be parked in safe locations, not to be parked in the stairs, evacuation channels, and safe exports.

Fourth, when charging electric vehicles, standardized wiring and charging for a limited time. Select the right lines for charging lines. The labeling should be fixed and installed. The short -circuit and leakage protection device should be installed.

In the last point, electric vehicle maintenance should choose a professional maintenance institution or personnel. It is not allowed to disassemble the electrical protection device without authorization to ensure that the electrical lines and protection devices are intact and effective.

Xiaobian solemnly remind everyone, whether you are a electric car sales store or a repair shop, or an electric car user, fire prevention is safe, you must not only stay on the oral, but you must really prevent it. The fire occurred, and the consequences were unimaginable. When everyone finds that electric vehicles caught fire, do not panic, quickly use dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish it. If the fire is strong, the channel is blocked, it should quickly return to the house to close the fire door, and use wet towels and other strict doors to wait for fire rescue.



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