Homemade hydrogen fuel power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to make homemade hydrogen fuel power lithium batteries? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Hydrogen fuel power batteries are used in spacecraft and other high -tech applications. It is necessary to clean and efficient energy in these places.

In your kitchen, about 10 minutes, you can make hydrogen fuel power batteries to experience how hydrogen and oxygen are combined and clean power.

Do this fuel power battery, we want the following materials:

Nickel -plated platinum silk, or pure platinum wire

A popsicle stick, or a small piece of wood or plastic

A 9V battery clip

A 9V battery

Some transparent tape

A cup of water

One voltage meter

Step 1: Cut the nickel -plated platinum wire into two 6 -inch sections, and then wrap them into spiral springs, they will be used as electrodes for fuel power batteries.

Step 2: Cut the lead of the battery clip into two halves and remove the insulating gum at the end. Then, the leader of the insulating gum is wrapped around the nickel -plated platinum wire electrode. In this way, the battery clip is connected to the electrode, and the other two lines will be connected to the voltage meter.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Step 3: Fix the electrode on the popsicle stick, then fix the popsicle stick on the cup, so that the electrode is hanging in the water, and the entire electrode is almost drowned.

The red line is connected to the positive electrode of the voltage meter, and the black line is connected to the negative electrode. This is the reading of the voltage meter, although there may be a weak voltage, such as 0.01V.

Step 4: Now, your fuel power battery is completed.



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