How to check the new energy battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to check the new energy battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The new energy vehicle market is booming, but new energy used cars are not cared about. On the one hand, due to the frequent replacement of new energy vehicles, the cruising range has been continuously improved; on the other hand, there has been no unified standard for the evaluation of the residual value of batteries, a key factor affecting the value retention rate of new energy used vehicles. In addition, the safety risks of electric vehicles are increasingly emerging, and the safety inspection of the use of power lithium-ion batteries is still blank.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

However, this "dilemma" is about to be broken. On November 9th, Sidley Southeast New Energy Vehicle Ecological Park officially opened, and its pioneering power lithium-ion battery online detection technology caused an uproar in the industry. The technology can complete the "physical examination" of the battery when it is charged, and more importantly, it allows the battery to have evaluation and safety testing standards for the first time.

Detect while charging

Fast, efficient and high precision

"There is no need to disassemble the battery, just through the charging pile with detection function, the battery status can be detected while the vehicle is charging, and a paper report will be issued after the detection." According to Zhou Zhenhao, general manager of the company, this The core of the technology is that the detection can be completed without disassembling the battery. It has the technical characteristics of fast and efficient, easy to implement, low cost and high precision. Not only that, the system can detect a wide range of models, and all new energy vehicles can be tested.

Zhou Zhenhao told reporters that a few days after the park opened, there was an endless stream of car owners who came to the park to do battery checkups for new energy vehicles. Most car owners are worried that after the battery has been used for a period of time, all data is unknown, and their safety is uncertain. The comprehensive test results have given car owners a "reassurance" when using the car.

The reporter also saw that many used car dealers were also queuing up for testing in the park. Mr. Huang, a used car dealer, came with the Xiaopeng P7 he just acquired. He told reporters that since there is no corresponding power lithium-ion battery testing technology before, the acquisition of second-hand new energy vehicles can only rely on relevant experience, and the risk of buying and selling is relatively high. Now with a professional inspection system, the price assessment will be more accurate, and both buyers and sellers will be guaranteed.

Testing standards are recognized

Will promote the development of the new energy vehicle market

The company's president, Ye Geng, told reporters that the test report issued by the Southeast Power lithium-ion battery online testing system has been recognized by the National Electric Vehicle Industry Metrology Center. The Method" was officially implemented on July 1, 2019, and is the first local standard in this field at home and abroad. As a third-party vehicle power testing authority, it can assist in the field of new energy used car residual value assessment, power lithium-ion battery recycling and other fields.

Ye Geng said that the battery rapid detection technology launched in Xiamen this time is the fourth-generation product. It is an upgrade and iteration based on the original technology. As long as a modular and embedded detection device is added to the charging pile, the detection can be carried out. He believes that with the help of professional online detection technology, the new energy vehicle market will realize the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of the use of power lithium-ion batteries, and at the same time establish a residual value evaluation system for used electric vehicles, which will not only allow consumers to use The car is more comfortable to use, and it can also solve the pain points of the industry, which plays a good role in promoting the development of the new energy vehicle market.



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