How much is a stacker? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

How much is a stacker? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

The stacker is one of the key equipment for the production of square lithium batteries. Generally consists of ten institutions: unwinding mechanism, positive electrode material box, negative electrode material box, positive electrode secondary positioning mechanism, negative electrode secondary positioning mechanism, positive electrode feeding mechanism, negative electrode feeding mechanism, stacking table, pasting mechanism, Blanking mechanism Material agency.(Cutting and stacking Integrated machine)
      The price of a single-station laminator is about hundreds of thousands, and the price of a fully automatic laminator is about more than 1 million, mainly depending on the efficiency and stability of the machine.
Yixinfeng Z-type stacking machine is used for Z-shaped stacking of square lithium-ion power battery cells, with a stacking efficiency of up to 1 second/sheet. This machine has the function of removing static electricity, and is equipped with two feeding manipulators, which reduces the waiting time for stacking and greatly improves the efficiency of stacking. The stacking table has a diaphragm trimming function to fully ensure the alignment of the diaphragm and the pole piece. The silo and the secondary positioning table have a dust removal function, and the secondary positioning platform has an anti-weight film mechanism.



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