How much is a slitter? -High Speed Slitting Machine

How much is a slitter? -High Speed Slitting Machine

The cell of a lithium battery is made up of many pole pieces stacked or wound up. Before doing this set of procedures, we must first use a slitting machine to cut the pole pieces into the size and shape we need. Nowadays, the cutting method of die-cutting machine is usually adopted on the market. This equipment has high efficiency and low cost. The price of a die-cutting machine with high-quality pole piece products is about one million yuan.(High Speed Slitting Machine)
J390-590D-BY flexible die cutting machine

The best die-cutting machine has high safety, and there is no risk of short-circuit thermal runaway caused by sharp-angle discharge piercing the diaphragm; avoiding the phenomenon of powder falling; there are many types of batteries, if each battery must be equipped with a set of molds, So it will increase the cost invisibly, so a good die-cutting machine can be used for a variety of battery models; all in all, it is safe, efficient, and low-cost, and it is the best die-cutting machine, which can lead your entire lithium battery production line to more Flexible and higher production efficiency.



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