Honda pushes wireless charging technology for -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Honda pushes wireless charging technology for two-way charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, foreign media reported that Honda will bring many "black technologies" to the CES Electronics Show in 2019, including the latest wireless charging technology and a series of intelligent security solutions based on V2X communication technology.

Honda's wireless charging technology is a two-way energy management system based on the V2G Internet of Vehicles. Compared with the traditional wireless charging technology, it adds the function of returning power to the power grid to achieve the purpose of energy storage. With Honda's technology, electric vehicles can be charged in both directions with the power grid.

In addition to wireless charging technology, Honda is also ready to demonstrate its intelligent security system, which relies on V2X to communicate the position and speed of vehicles to surrounding vehicles. This information can enable drivers and autonomous vehicle to predict possible dangerous behaviors. This technology is not only to improve safety, but also to maintain traffic flow. Honda said that if the lane ahead is blocked by an accident or vehicle failure, the system can tell the driver to change the lane in advance.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Regarding intelligent security solutions, Honda will also show a series of technologies, including an intelligent audio system called Noveto, which can send audio signals to the driver's right or left ear. If an audio signal is sent to the right ear, it will remind the driver that the vehicle should reverse to the right.

In addition, Honda will also display several infotainment functions, such as allowing drivers to book restaurants and pay for fuel and parking fees through the car engine system, which is somewhat like the zebra system launched by SAIC and Alibaba.



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