Helium leak detection technology helps lithium -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Helium leak detection technology helps lithium battery production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

As an industry of technological innovation, the lithium battery industry, especially when the performance of power batteries needs to be improved, all links of the industry chain are spent on improving the energy density of power batteries, and good results have been achieved. In fact, in addition to batteries, packs and materials, the quality of battery manufacturing and new energy vehicles also depends on the safety and reliability of battery manufacturing equipment. Among them, helium leak detection technology is an indispensable link in the production process of power batteries.

So, how can helium leak detection technology help improve the consistency of power battery production?

On May 21, the "OFweek2018 (Second) China Power Lithium Battery Technology and Application Seminar", hosted by OFweek China's high-tech industry portal and hosted by OFweek Lithium Power Grid, will be held in Shenzhen. Qu Qilong, chief of the R&D department of the company's new technology research institute, will give a speech on "the application of helium leak detection technology in the power battery industry". Let the insiders understand the importance of more application solutions of helium leak detection technology in the power battery industry and the improvement of equipment technology level to battery manufacturing under the new industry background.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

With the development of new energy vehicles rising to the national strategy, the current development of the automobile industry has ushered in opportunities and turning points. Behind the new opportunities, the upstream power battery industry is facing opportunities and challenges. The traditional extensive capital investment can no longer meet the needs of competition. Only by upgrading the technology and strictly controlling the quality of products can it develop by leaps and bounds. The national subsidy policy is tilted towards higher energy density power batteries, which also puts forward new requirements for the testing of new energy vehicles and power batteries.

This seminar will start from the upstream materials of power batteries, production process and product testing, technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and industrial applications, etc., and conduct in-depth discussions on new energy vehicle technology and battery technology, and discuss the development of my country's power battery industry. opportunities and challenges.

It is understood that Aifa Ke Dongfang Vacuum (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned vacuum company. The main equipment includes vacuum box online leak detection device, helium charging and recovery device, refrigerant charging device, explosion-proof charging machine, ultra-high Vacuum exhaust table, vacuum valve, EBA series indirect evaporation coating device, EWA series vacuum winding coating device, car lamp coating equipment, high pressure helium detector, helium concentration meter, leak detector, ion pump, etc.

At present, the helium detection and filling equipment of Alphaco in the automotive field is widely used in new energy vehicle air-conditioning compressors, automotive hubs, automotive air-conditioning fluid storage tanks, automotive torque converters and other equipment. It is enough to realize the automatic sealing of workpieces such as batteries; the equipment is connected to the assembly line to improve the degree of automation; the helium recovery system improves the recovery rate and reduces the cost of use.

It is worth noting that this conference will focus on the hottest topics in the industry and discuss solutions to industrial development problems. Invite experts and professors from the power battery industry such as School of Materials Science and Technology of Shenzhen University, Waterma, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Festo, South China University of Technology, Massachusetts Solid Energy Corporation, Shenzhen West Lake New Energy Transportation Development Co., Ltd., OFweek Industry Research Center, etc. Business managers, analysts and other industry insiders gave wonderful speeches from various perspectives, such as the price trend and selection of power battery materials, the application of production equipment in the power battery industry, the current situation and future development of lithium battery separator materials, and further discussed the power Other latest technologies and solutions in the battery industry.



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