Hanergy and Audi develop battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Hanergy and Audi jointly develop battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On August 23, Hanergy announced that Alta Devices, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group in the United States, and Audi AG in Germany had signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on thin-film solar cell technology, and the two sides would cooperate to carry out thin-film solar cell research and development projects.

The specific cooperation contents include that the two sides plan to jointly launch the first Audi prototype vehicle with integrated film solar panoramic roof by the end of 2017, and the electricity generated by the film solar cell will supply power for the air conditioning system or seat heater in the vehicle. The improvement of its efficiency will directly extend the vehicle's driving mileage.

In the future, the two sides will gradually develop and use thin film solar energy technology to supply the main driving force for Audi electric vehicles. Yuan Yabin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanergy Thin Film Power Generation Group, said: "The cooperation with Audi is an important milestone in the application of Hanergy mobile energy technology in the automotive field. In the future, flexible GaAs thin film solar technology can provide complete solutions for automotive manufacturers to clean power systems."(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

From the outside world, the cooperation between Hanergy and Audi can alleviate the dilemma Hanergy faces to some extent. In fact, on May 20 last year, 47% of Hanergy's market value evaporated more than 100 billion yuan within one day, and the outside world has always questioned Hanergy.

Li Hejun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanergy Holding Group, publicly reflected that the company was in crisis due to the rapid expansion. After reorganizing the development ideas, Hanergy focused on the new energy market.

However, this year, Hanergy seems to have found a new development path, and has made frequent moves in the field of mobile travel. In June this year, Hanergy cooperated with bike sharing Mobil, announced its strategic product Hanwa, and then cooperated with Audi. This series of layout seems to indicate that Hanergy has begun to comprehensively enter the era of "mobile energy+".

"The cross-border cooperation with Audi marks Hanergy's major achievements in the automotive field. Thin film solar energy has opened a new field, which is a milestone. We believe that after Audi, Hanergy will have more partners in the future." Li Hejun said.

Slow down of car building

The rapid development of the domestic new energy market in recent years has given such companies as Hanergy a development opportunity. In February 2015, Hanergy announced its strategic transformation and entered into mobile energy, including photovoltaic building integration, distributed photovoltaic and consumer grade photovoltaic products, such as backpacks loaded with thin film solar cells, charging paper, and solar UAVs.

The important reason for the strategic adjustment is that Hanergy thin film solar cells have no market competitiveness and have to shrink the front. At the same time, the largest application market of photovoltaic cells is in photovoltaic power stations. However, the integration of photovoltaic buildings is limited by policies, and the market has not yet started. The civil photovoltaic consumer goods market has just started, and the scale is very small.

As an important part of Hanergy's "mobile energy" strategy, the debut of Hanergy solar cars on July 2 last year attracted much attention. Relevant data shows that the Solar (Taiyangguang) series solar cars released by Hanergy can generate 8-10 degrees of electricity per day under 5-6 hours of sunlight, and can drive the car for 80 kilometers, more than 20000 kilometers per year. According to Hanergy's plan, Hanergy's all solar cars will achieve mass production in the next two to three years, and the first phase of mass production is planned to produce 300000 units annually.

Up to now, Hanergy Solar has no specific mass production schedule. The factory construction, qualification review and other layout related to "car building" have not made any breakthrough. On August 22, after communicating with insiders of Hanergy, the 21st Century Economic Reporters have still not received a positive response.

However, the person in charge said that in the future, Hanergy would prefer to position itself as a mobile solutions company. Hanergy is the manufacturer of chips, and chips are the core technology. In the future, Hanergy will provide mobile travel solutions, including cars.



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