Graphene super battery research and development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Graphene super battery research and development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully developed a high-performance supercapacitor electrode material-nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous graphene. The material has excellent electrochemical energy storage properties and can be used as a "super battery" for electric vehicles: it only takes 7 seconds to charge and can travel up to 35 kilometers. The relevant research results were published in the journal Science on the 18th.

According to news from Xinhuanet on December 20, supercapacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices between traditional capacitors and batteries. Due to its high power density, long cycle life, safety and reliability, etc., it has been widely used in hybrid electric vehicles, high-power output equipment and other fields. However, supercapacitors are not "perfect", and the core problem is their low energy density. How to make supercapacitors have both high power and high energy, scientists have not found ideal materials for a long time.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Huang Fuqiang introduced that compared with traditional electrode materials, graphene has four outstanding advantages: first, high specific surface area is conducive to high energy density; second, ultra-high conductivity is conducive to maintaining high power density; third, chemical The rich structure is conducive to the introduction of pseudocapacitance and the improvement of energy density; fourth, the special electronic structure is conducive to optimizing the relationship between structure and performance.

Through trial and error, design, and synthesis, Huang Fuqiang's team found that nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous graphene performed the best. Not only can high energy density and high power density be achieved, but also by using water-based electrolyte, it can be non-toxic, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, safe and reliable.

According to reports, the new graphene supercapacitor is lightweight, non-flammable and non-explosive, and can be prepared at low cost to achieve large-scale production. Because of its obvious competitive advantages over lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride and other batteries, and better than lithium batteries in terms of fast charging and discharging, this "super battery" can be applied to the replacement of existing hybrid electric vehicles and high-power output equipment. A-share listed companies such as China Baoan, Fangda Carbon, and New Carbon Materials are involved in graphene-related businesses.



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