Graphene alloy technology helps lithium -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Graphene alloy technology helps lithium batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

A few days ago, the relevant leaders of Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province visited Zhejiang Chaowei Beiterui Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect the progress of the graphene alloy project, and highly affirmed the construction progress and standardized management of the project.

The graphene alloy project of Zhejiang Chaowei Betterui Technology Co., Ltd. was established to undertake the advanced technological achievements of the cooperation between Chaowei Group and international first-class scientific research institutions. The project is based on the full realization of the industrialization of graphene alloy technology. Improvement and material innovation to promote the upgrading of the power and energy storage battery industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Graphene has the advantages of high strength and toughness, easy electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc. However, how to combine with the battery to improve the battery-related performance has always been the direction of exploration in the industry.

While some people in the industry are still on the sidelines of the application of graphene in the battery field, the "Chaowei Black Gold High Energy Battery" has been officially released. Chaowei Group took the lead in applying graphene materials to lead-acid batteries and achieved large-scale production, which is of great significance to the development of the battery industry.

The advent of "Chaowei Black Gold High Energy Battery" did not stop Chaowei Group from researching. Through a large amount of feedback data, Chaowei Group has conducted more in-depth research on graphene batteries, and once again made a breakthrough - the research and development of "Chaowei Black Gold Battery Upgraded Version" has been completed.

Compared with the "first-generation graphene battery", the "Chaowei Black Gold Battery Upgraded Version" is more perfect in the core technology of graphene alloy, and its unique "constant electric column" structure brings more stable performance and longer The service life is far better than that of ordinary electric bicycle power batteries.

While the "Chaowei Black Gold Battery Upgraded Version" won market recognition, Chaowei Group also held activities such as "Ice and Fire" and "Battery Marathon", which further proved to the industry that Chaowei Group's graphene power battery products It has good performance and excellent quality.

For a long time, battery life and power performance have been the difficulties and pain points that have plagued the development of the electric bicycle power battery industry. Chaowei Group, using its own strong corporate strength and bold and innovative scientific research spirit in the field of graphene technology, continues to create miracles in the electric bicycle power battery industry.



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