FormulaE electric technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

FormulaE electric technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

I still remember that 15 years ago, whenever there was an F1 race, I would sit quietly by the TV half an hour in advance and wait. I love listening to the roar of the engine on the field and watching the epic overtaking. The major auto manufacturers will also bring out their most powerful technologies and compete in the competition.

Birth of FormulaE

Although F1 is still one of the most popular events in the world today, with the arrival of the new energy era, another event has entered people's eyes, which is Formula E. To put it bluntly, Formula E is the "F1 of the electric industry". In this era of vigorous development of new energy, major brands also like to fight with their most proud technology, but they still want to show their greater purpose and be recognized by world consumers. For automobile manufacturers, historical achievements in the field of racing are undoubtedly the best way to represent their strength.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Back in 2014, it was still an era when new energy vehicles did not blow out, and an ingenious competition was launched in Beijing - FormulaE. At that time, FormulaE E could be said to be extremely miserable. The first competition was a single brand competition without any factory team participating. Even many of the tracks were decided at the last moment, not to mention another race was almost cancelled on the day of the race. The event team with financial difficulties did not know whether it could make this famous event continue. However, in 2015, the participation of two media companies, Liberty Global and Discovery Communications, completely saved the whole event.

Of course, it is not only the two media companies that have helped, but also the public. But basically, the public belongs to the lying gun players. In 2015, due to the explosion of the "tailgate" of the enterprise, enterprises such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche completely decided to focus on the research and development of PHEV and EV models. At the same time, the world's auto "bosses" began to pay attention to Formula E, and the sudden reversal of the plot caught Formula E officials off guard.

In this first season, FormulaE passed through 10 international cities, including Miami, Berlin and London, and ended in June 2015. 10 teams and 20 drivers have not only attracted the attention of a new generation of global racing fans, but also laid a solid foundation for the electric future.

Development of FormulaE

FormulaE focuses on the future automobile industry, provides a platform for the research and development of electric vehicles, and cultivates the public's awareness of electric vehicles, clean energy and sustainable development. From the second season, Formula E has developed into an open event like F1. On the basis of the rules formulated by FIA, teams and manufacturers carry out independent research and development on racing cars to maximize the power system and battery technology of racing cars. Focusing on the three core concepts of energy, environment and entertainment, FormulaE combines design, technology, sports, science and technology, music and entertainment. Now FormulaE has been built into a grand racing age to drive the electric future.

Of course, there must be differences between Formula E and F1 if they are similar. However, this difference is not small. At present, Formula E is much stricter on the technical rule card than F1. How strict is it? Strictly speaking, everyone's cars are officially manufactured, and the chassis and aerodynamic kits of the car are provided by the old manufacturer Dalala... What do manufacturers need to do? Only the motor, gearbox, inverter and cooling system need to be developed. This will not only make the event more fair, but also greatly reduce the R&D costs of manufacturers.

Like the 2015-2016 season, Renault spent more than 12 million dollars on powertrain research and development. Renault's dominant performance that season also made the $12 million worth of money. The research and development of 12 million dollars can dominate the entire Formula E. On the other hand, the average R&D cost of a F1 team is just zero, which is 120 million US dollars.

Now, FormulaE has become a place for major automobile manufacturers to show their electric vehicle powertrain, and now the power system used in the competition is also beginning to be used by manufacturers for civilian use. Audi and Jaguar are the best examples.

FormulaE sets up two sub races in China

Now, China is also in the outbreak stage of new energy vehicles, and there are countless national and local support policies for new energy. Therefore, China, as the world's most important new energy vehicle production and marketing country, naturally also occupies an unshakable important position in the territory of the electric equation. 



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