Rechargeable lithium battery industry chain -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Focus on the rechargeable lithium battery industry chain -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the demand for lithium salt products and downstream lithium ion batteries, the core raw material of lithium batteries, has increased significantly in the past two years. The ion battery industry chain has penetrated. At present, its new energy business includes new energy solar photovoltaic power generation, deep processing of lithium salt products, lithium extraction from salt lakes, energy storage and new energy vehicle charging stations. Since the new energy industry is more sensitive to policies, Zhaoxin's layout in this way also effectively avoids the risk of performance fluctuations for the company due to policy changes in a certain production link in the new energy industry chain.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

It is worth noting that Zhaoxin shares said that the company purchased 80% of Shanghai Zhongli for 500 million yuan, which has been approved by the shareholders' meeting and is currently going through the transaction transfer procedures. In October 2017, Zhaoxin shares acquired Shanghai Zhongli for 125 million in cash. Lithium has a 20% stake. After the completion of the equity acquisition, Shanghai Zhongli will be officially consolidated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhaoxin. Shanghai Zhongli focuses on the production and sales of battery-grade lithium carbonate, dilithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, etc. It is the national standard of lithium dihydrogen phosphate together with Tianqi Lithium (002466, stock) and Ganfeng Lithium (002460, stock). The participating units have committed net profits of 60 million and 93.75 million in 2018-2019, respectively.

In 2017, Zhaoxin acquired Qinghai Jintai (16.7%), a lithium battery material company, and jointly established Zhaofeng Lithium (51%) with Ganfeng Lithium. The former owns the mining and exploration right of 473Km2 in the Balenmahai Salt Lake in Qinghai. The main business is the extraction of lithium chloride solution by centrifugal extraction, the production and sales of industrial-grade lithium carbonate, and the technology and production capacity of lithium extraction from the salt lake; The battery-grade lithium carbonate production line and the 10,000-ton anhydrous lithium chloride production line will be 100% underwritten by Ganfeng Lithium.

Qinghai Jintai, Zhaofeng Lithium Industry and Shanghai Zhongli are the upstream and downstream relationships of the lithium-ion battery industry chain, which can play a good industrial synergy effect. Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. has realized the industrial chain of deep processing of lithium battery materials. Zheshang Securities pointed out in the research report that Zhaoxin's layout in the field of lithium battery materials is closely linked, and the company's current new energy business center is tilting towards the most upstream lithium battery. Commitment performance is 150 million, 250 million (350 million in 2020) and 60 million, 94 million. In addition, as a strategic investment, Zhaoxin shares also enjoys the follow-up priority to purchase Jintai Potash Fertilizer, and there is the possibility of continuing mergers and acquisitions.

In the downstream of the industrial chain, Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. has also made a full layout. Its subsidiary, Beijing Baineng, has expanded the sales business of zinc-bromine energy storage battery modules and systems, and is committed to becoming an "integration of light storage and charging" with energy storage as the core technology. Service provider; Zhaoxin Co., Ltd. is involved in the new energy vehicle charging station business through the joint-stock company Zhaowei Xinneng. Zhaowei Xinneng focuses on the investment and operation of new energy vehicle charging facilities, gradually forming a smart micro-grid system, and building a prominent core business. , technology and service leading charging facility network system.

Due to the failure to reach an agreement on important terms, Zhaoxin recently terminated the issuance of shares to acquire Yancheng Xingchuang and Hengchuang Ruineng, two companies engaged in the recycling of new energy electric vehicle power lithium batteries. The plans for integration are already evident. Zhaoxin shares said that the termination of this acquisition will not affect the normal operation of the company. In the future operation, the company will actively expand the company's business layout and improve the company's comprehensive business through the combination of the company's development needs and external expansion. Competitiveness.



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