Focus on lithium battery diaphragm production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Focus on lithium battery diaphragm production line -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On September 1, the listing application of Qingdao Zhongke Hualian New Materials Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Zhongke Hualian Securities Code: 838867) was approved and successfully listed.

Zhi Lipeng, chairman of Zhongke Hualian, said: "After landing on the New Third Board, the company will be more standardized in management and systems, more transparent in operation, and more influential in the market."

Zhongke Hualian was established in 2011 and is currently the only company in China that can supply technical solutions for the entire wet diaphragm production line, as well as a complete ceramic coating production line. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of wet-process lithium-ion battery separator complete sets of equipment, and can provide customers with solutions for the entire wet-process lithium-ion battery separator automated production line, including subsequent equipment installation and debugging, technical training and after-sales maintenance, technical guidance and other services.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to the announcement, the operating income of Zhongke Hualian in 2014 and 2015 was 62.6133 million yuan and 136 million yuan respectively; the net profit was 4.2536 million yuan and 24.6459 million yuan respectively. Zhi Lipeng said that the company's profits also increased in the first half of this year.

"We will continue to improve our system to meet the strong demand for diaphragm equipment in the new energy vehicle market." Zhi Lipeng continued to introduce that Zhongke Hualian diaphragm equipment has been highly recognized by Cangzhou Mingzhu, Liaoyuan Hongtu, Hebei Yiteng and other companies. "In the past two days, we are still in contact with well-known foreign diaphragm companies."

Finally, Zhi Lipeng revealed that the company has received a lot of orders for next year. On the basis of the diaphragm equipment, the company has also independently developed a lithium-ion battery diaphragm with high temperature resistance. At present, the product has passed the pilot test and is expected to It will be introduced to the market next year.



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