High nickel electrolyte for lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Focus on high nickel electrolyte of lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The requirement of energy density promotes the upgrading of batteries and puts forward higher requirements for materials such as positive and negative electrodes. However, when the materials are gradually mature, the application has been delayed. The main reason is that after various materials are combined into batteries, problems such as compatibility and safety of the system have not been well solved. At present, the technology level is gradually mature and the equipment is highly modernized. The focus of these problems is how to use the appropriate electrolyte.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the high nickel system, there are two main requirements for the electrolyte, one is to use new additives, and the other is the electrolyte formula.

New additives: for the high nickel system, it is necessary to solve the problems such as gas production on the positive electrode surface, film formation stability and safety of the negative electrode. The new additives can solve the problems encountered by high nickel. We believe that electrolyte enterprises with the ability to develop new additives will benefit significantly.

Electrolyte formula: the development cycle of electrolyte formula is long and the cost is high. At present, it is one of the links with the highest barrier for battery enterprises. With the expansion of the division of labor in the industry, the focus of development will be tilted to the electrolyte manufacturers, and the electrolyte manufacturers have greater advantages in the development of formulas and additives.

1. Focusing on electrolyte for many years, covering consumption and power: the company is the first batch of companies engaged in the development of lithium ion battery electrolyte in China, covering all types and systems of lithium ion batteries, which also makes New Zebang one of the biggest players in the electrolyte field;

2. Acquisition, merger and implementation of patent integration, and distribution of additives to master core competitiveness: acquisition of BASF and Hankang Chemical to achieve high nickel patent integration and distribution of additives.

3. Overseas cooperative development and technology generation advantage: The company attaches importance to cooperation with overseas customers, and overseas giants are leading both in material system and application.

In the development of high nickel electrolyte and other new systems, years of technical accumulation and cooperation between upstream and downstream are required. The company has grasped the key link in the development of electrolyte. In the future, these links will also be the source for New Zebang to maintain its advantages in the electrolyte field.

Risk warning:

The industry development was less than expected, and the application of high nickel products was less than expected;

1. Power battery will enter the era of high nickel

1.1 Policy orientation - increase of battery energy density requirements

With the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles entering 2018, the state began to focus on improving the performance of new energy vehicles. In terms of mileage, the subsidy threshold has increased from 100KM in 2017 to 150KM now, and the maximum subsidy mileage has also increased from 250KM to 400KM now; In terms of energy density, the threshold has also been raised from the previous 90Wh/kg to the current 105Wh/kg, the highest subsidy coefficient has also been raised from 1.1 times to 1.2 times, and the corresponding energy density of the top grade has increased from 120Wh/kg to 160Wh/kg.

With the gradual improvement of corresponding policy requirements, various products related to new energy vehicles are also facing an upgrade problem. With the increasing requirements of the country for the energy density of power batteries, the cathode materials with high nickel as the main component are increasingly favored by the market.

1.2 Market orientation - more in line with the future market demand for passenger cars

The power lithium battery market is dominated by ternary and lithium iron phosphate. Compared with lithium iron phosphate battery, ternary lithium battery has unique advantages in energy density and other aspects. Its market share has increased from 23% in 2015 to 48% in 2017, and the proportion of ternary in passenger vehicles from January to April 2018 is as high as 89%. Compared with low nickel ternary materials, the use of high nickel ternary materials can significantly improve the energy density of batteries. At the same time, due to the continuous increase of cobalt price, the price of CO3O4 has risen sharply from 130500 yuan/ton at the end of 2016 to 465000 yuan/ton at present, up by 256.32%, which has also accelerated the development and use of high nickel ternary materials by manufacturers to some extent.



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