Flexible amorphous silicon thin-film solar -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Flexible amorphous silicon thin-film solar lithium-ion battery technology-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In the past few decades, the continuous rapid development of human economic activities has led to a rapid increase in the demand for electricity. A solar cell is a semiconductor device that uses the photovoltaic effect to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is easy to realize grid-connected power generation or as an independent energy source. As we all know, solar cell power generation has many advantages, such as safety and reliability, no noise, no pollution, energy can be obtained anywhere, no need to consume fuel, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate, easy maintenance, unattended operation, random size , can be easily combined with buildings, etc., these advantages are beyond the reach of conventional power generation.

At present, solar cell power generation has occupied an irreplaceable position in the fields of aerospace, communication and microelectronics, but it accounts for a small proportion in the overall energy structure of society. The important reason is that the cost of solar cells is relatively high. components must be substantially reduced in cost. Thin-film solar cells have greater advantages than crystalline silicon (single crystal or polycrystalline) solar cells in terms of cost reduction. First, after thin-film formation, expensive semiconductor materials can be greatly saved; second, the material preparation and battery It is formed at the same time, so many processes are saved; third, the thin-film solar cell adopts low-temperature process technology, which is not only conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction, but also facilitates the use of cheap substrates (glass, stainless steel, etc.). To this end, since the 1970s, countries around the world have invested heavily, made plans, organized teams, and set off a research upsurge on thin-film solar cells. In the past three decades, they have made great progress in research and development and application.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Thin-film solar cells mainly involve amorphous silicon (a-Si:H), copper indium gallium selenide (Cu(In, Ga)Se2, CIGS) and cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic cells and integrated modules, which are discussed in this paper. It is the most mature amorphous silicon solar cell currently commercialized. Thin-film solar cells are divided into two categories: hard substrates and flexible substrates. The so-called flexible substrate solar cell refers to a battery made on flexible materials (such as stainless steel and polyester film). Lightweight, foldable and unbreakable. Taking the stainless steel as the substrate used by Uni-Solar in the United States as an example, the thickness of stainless steel is only 127um, and it has excellent flexibility. Curl, the battery performance will not change. For amorphous silicon solar cells with polymer polyimide as flexible backing, the total thickness of the device is about 100um (including the encapsulation layer), and the power-to-weight ratio can reach more than 500W/Kg, which is higher than that of stainless steel substrate amorphous silicon solar cells. The battery is nearly ten times higher and is the lightest solar cell in the world. From the point of view of the preparation process, since the battery of this structure is manufactured by a roll-to-roll process, it is convenient for continuous production in a large area, has great potential for cost reduction, and is highly competitive.

Flexible substrate solar cells can be placed on the roof of streamlined cars, on uneven surfaces such as cabins of sailboats, racing boats, and motorboats, and on the roofs and outer walls of buildings such as houses. In addition, due to the high mass specific power (500W/kg) and flexibility of the flexible thin film battery, it is very suitable for the surface of the stratospheric airship for earth observation, and has a bright future in the application.



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