Finnish lithium battery new synthesis technology Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Finnish lithium battery new synthesis technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium batteries, an energy storage method with high energy density, are developing rapidly especially in mobile applications such as personal electronic devices and electric vehicles. However, the materials currently used in lithium batteries are expensive, and among them, lithium cobalt oxide (a key raw material in the EU) is difficult to process. Additionally, batteries using these materials have relatively short lifespans. Researchers say new materials are being developed for a new generation of lithium batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The new anode-cathode material lithium titanate (LTO) is very promising. The raw materials for these compounds are readily available, safe to use, and easy to handle or recycle. Most importantly, batteries made with these materials have significantly longer cycles and lifetimes than current battery technology. However, an important problem with these new materials is their low electrical conductivity.

Research by scientists at the University of Eastern Finland opens up new applications for electricity storage. The research was recently published in the journal "Journal of Alloys and Compounds", which has a wide audience in Asian countries, where lithium battery production is booming.

Researcher Tommi Karhunen said: "The conductivity problem can be solved by producing nano-sized, high-surface-area crystalline materials, or by modifying the material composition with highly conductive dopants. At UEF's Fine Particle Aerosol Technology Laboratory, We successfully developed lithium titanate (LTO) nano-sized, high surface area crystals and highly conductive dopants by employing a simple one-step gas-phase process."

Jorma Jokiniemi, head of the Fine Particle Aerosol Technology Laboratory, said: "The electrochemical performance of lithium batteries made of the above materials has great application prospects. The most important application is in battery equipment, for example, fast charging for electric buses and high power for hybrid and electric vehicles."



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